Submission Guidelines:

So you want to write for West is the Best Magazine? We are now accepting articles and reviews on pro-western topics. You can now be a journalist in your community by submitting stories relating to many conservative topics. 

While you're preparing to submit, keep in mind that we do not pay for articles. That being said, you own the full rights to your written work. This is a means for your work to be published and visibly available to the public. 

All works submitted must include 3-4 photographs and must be at least 800 words. No racial slurs, no name calling. We are better than the left!

We do look at all submissions, so please be patient. If you feel we are taking too long to review your article, feel free to ask about the status of your submission  at submissions@witbmagazine.com

Submissions and inquiries must be submitted to: submissions@witbmagazine.com