Why No-One Wants Women To Have Equality


Why No-One Wants Women To Have Equality

By Andrew Bell-Ramos

The supposed goal of most of the un-happy women I know, meet and am exposed to in the media is this concept of “gender equality.” What is gender equality? Why do most people seem to support this ostensibly prudent mission? When people say, "men and women are equal and need to be treated as such,” what usually comes to my mind is that the overwhelming majority of the United States somehow thinks that women are inferior to men with some exceptions. This proves to me that their argument is invalid because if the majority of the United States believes that women are equal and that the majority of the country is oppressing women; wouldn't that be the same majority?

When gender equality comes to my mind, the most important thing that sticks out is that women want to feel respected and important. Don't we all? So, let’s for a moment take a glance down the rabbit hole of this idea of gender equality. Let's look at the normal gender division of a few important statistics and see where we end up, shall we? To live in the beautiful bliss of gender equality the reality would have to be as such:

The number of combat fatalities would need to be 43% higher for women.

(Men are 97% of combat fatalities.)


The number of war related deaths would need to be 31% higher for women.

(Men make up 81% of all war related deaths.)


The amount of alimony paid by women would need to be 43% higher.

(Men pay 97% of alimony.)


Women would need to kill themselves 44% more of the time at work.

(Men make up 94% of workplace suicides.)


Women would need to lose 34% more divorce custody battles.

(Men lose custody in 84% of divorces.)


The suicide rate would need to be 20% higher for women.

(Men make up 80% of all suicides.)


Women would need to be homicide victims 27% more of the time.

(77% of homicide victims are men.)


The prison sentences for women would need to be 63% longer.

(Men get 63% longer prison sentences than women for the same crime.)


The number of homeless women would need to rise by 20-40%.

(60-80% of homeless people are men.)


Funding for women's cancers would need to receive 14 times less funding than men's.

(Women's Cancers receive 15 times more funding than men's.)


The amount of income tax paid by women would need to rise by 20%.

Men pay over 70% of income tax; however, most of public spending is on services for women. Women pay 60% less tax despite costing 300% more in domestic spending than men. Women also consume 2/3 of public spending. There is 3 times the amount of gender specific health services for women than there are for men, even though for equal increases in health spending a man's life expectancy rate increases nearly twice as much as a woman's. There is more money spent on breast cancer research alone than lung and prostate cancer combined, despite the fact that lung cancer has 3-4 times more fatalities than that of breast cancer. 44% of men get cancer and 23% of men die from cancer. 38% of women get cancer and 19% of women die from cancer, yet there is more money spent on cancer research for women. This is lethal discrimination.


Women would need to spend 90% less money than they actually have.

Women on average spend 90% MORE MONEY THAN THEY EARN. Men earn 61.5% of all income but only account for 25% of domestic spending. Men only spend 40% of what they earn after tax. In contrast, women make up 38.5% of all income, but control 75% of domestic spending. Taking into consideration the homemakers and career women who tend to be the ones in charge of the finances in the relationship.


Women would need to get arrested 35% more of the time for domestic violence.

Men are the subjects in 85% of all arrests, however it is estimated that women are the perpetrators in most domestic violence cases. There are hundreds of surveys that show that women are as violent, if not more violent than men in domestic violence cases. Women start most reciprocal violence and 70% of non-reciprocal violence is perpetrated by women. However, women are only arrested in 15% of all domestic violence arrests. 572 different studies covering 371,600 people demonstrate that women are just as/more physically aggressive than men in their relationships with their spouses or male partners. More men than women were victims of intimate partner physical violence and over 40% of severe physical violence was directed towards men. Men who report domestic violence are more likely to be arrested than the women with whom the man has reported as being the attacker. Despite all of this, 99.3% of domestic shelter spaces are for women.


I don't know about you, but these things do not push our society into a more civilized direction. Michelle Obama has been quoted saying, "You can tell the standards of a society on how it treats its women and girls." This push for equality has good intentions at heart, but the reality is that it pushes us backwards into barbarianism and chaos. As a good western boy it has been instilled in me that women are special, and that they do not have to do the dirty, hard, or gross stuff. They should have doors held open for them and they should be treated admirably and taken care of. They ARE and SHOULD be special.

My argument is that no one really wants equality for women. The small amount of people who want those statistics listed above to become a reality, regardless of the mass bloodshed, less money, and a stark rise in un-happiness, are pretty sadistic. 

Imagine protesters with signs that say, "WE NEED MORE DEAD WOMEN", "ARREST US MORE", and "GIVE US LESS MONEY.” Think of the real situation we are discussing. It's easy to want the benefits of gender equality, but when it's time to balance the scales I assure you that no one would enjoy the consequences.

Author: Andrew Bell-Ramos

Author: Andrew Bell-Ramos

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