Trump Embodies The American Dream

 By: Kaiser Wayne


Recently I got into a spot of trouble at a family event for wearing my “Make America Great Again” hat. My mom’s family lives in El Paso and they are all liberals. They are aware of my political leanings and have always regarded them as rebellious in origin. If it helps them sleep at night, so be it.

As divided as this nation was following the election I knew seeing my extended family would require me to either: 1) tread lightly, or 2) be myself unapologetically. “I am a proud western chauvinist.” After engaging in lively discourse with my cousin over our president I left her to seethe and grab a bite to eat. As I enjoyed my taco in the warm El Paso evening I contemplated what Trump represented to my liberal family. Certainly it’s something “un-American” as my cousin had expressed over the course of our discussion.

However, Trump is very much what it means to be an American. Donald Trump IS the American Dream. My grandparents came to this country from Mexico, no doubt in the hopes of building a better life for themselves and their children. Is that not what America offers, the opportunity to better your economic status? Immigrants come to this country and dream of their children becoming successful, they dream of their grandchildren becoming doctors, lawyers, or even the President of the United States.

This is exactly what produced Trump. His grandparents immigrated from Germany at the turn of the 20th century. They started a successful business and they made a good life for their children. His father made the business even more successful and then when Donald took over he turned it into an empire, and then became president.

Only in our country can the grandchild of immigrants be provided with the opportunity to become a multi-billionaire and the nation’s president. That’s a beautiful realization. I think back to my childhood in El Paso and I remember my grandmother telling me how I could do anything with my life because, “This is America.”

This is America.” Those three little words are exactly why I am a conservative. My cousins likely have no idea how much in common they have with our current Commander in Chief. If they did they would likely not be proud of it. It not only gives me pride, but it gives me hope as well. It gives me the hope that my children and grandchildren could one day become millionaires. It gives me hope that they could very well become the president of the greatest country on earth.


Author: Kaiser Wayne

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