Why College Is Turning Millennials Into Socialists

By: Paul Moroni


College in America and across the Western world has become little more than a factory that produces socialist zombies. Two thirds of millennials enroll in a college or university the fall after graduating high school. While many never go on to complete a four-year degree, professors don’t need nearly that long to indoctrinate a young impressionable mind, and indoctrinate them they do. The sweet “girl next door” leaving for college in the fall and returning home a blue-haired, ANTIFA-loving, radical socialist in the winter is by now so common that it has become a tired trope.


Why is this so? Part of the reason is that elementary and high schools are becoming increasingly filled with social justice educators who begin pushing cultural Marxist and postmodernist programming on kids as young as the age of five. Even in schools that are not (yet) infested with social justice warriors the students still face a curriculum (or lack thereof) that leaves them without even a basic knowledge of American history, virtually no understanding of the founding principles of this nation, and how alternative systems such as socialism are both immoral in theory and completely unworkable in real life.

Teachers – even the “good” ones – don’t seem to think it’s important to teach that stuff. As a result, they don’t bother. A survey conducted by the American Enterprise Institute some years ago found that only 36 percent of high school social studies teachers thought that it was important for students to learn basic facts about American history; and only six percent thought it was necessary for students to know about the founding of America.

As a result, teens get out of high school with an empty brain. As many as one fifth of all incoming college freshmen today manage to graduate high school (often with top grades) without having ever read an entire book from start to finish. They are known as “book virgins,” and their numbers are soon to overtake actual virgins among America’s high school graduates.

Add to that the shear boredom these students face for 13 soul-sucking years and teens from the self-esteem generation arrive at college thirsty for anything even remotely interesting or meaningful. Depth and meaning is then precisely what leftist professors pretend to offer their freshmen classes.

Marx predicted socialism taking hold among the middle-class workers in advanced industrial societies. Instead, socialism has tended to take hold among illiterate, uneducated, and emotionally vulnerable populations. In the U.S. such populations are most often found in the classrooms.

Professors prey on their students’ tender feelings and naivety, as well as their vanity and natural desire to rebel against authority figures. Assigning texts by socialist polemicists such as Howard Zinn, professors give students the impression that they have been granted access to a secret knowledge. America, they are told, has a dark past, which their parents and other authority figures have attempted to keep hidden from them. In this historical re-imagining, America is a nation built on the oppression of the capitalist system. Students are told they can be a part of a special project to build a better future through socialism, a great system if only it were ever implemented properly.

Part of what makes students so receptive to this programming is that most millennials have never really had to work hard, and as a result have accomplished little. This makes the secret knowledge offered by professors so much more enticing. Like a conspiracy theorist, or a yokel who claims to have sighted UFOs, college students have a shortcut to self-worth, bypassing the hard work of actual achievement for the pretense of secret knowledge. Membership in the anointed class becomes a substitute for actual achievement. (Later, the oppressive nature of the capitalist system becomes an excuse for never even bothering to try.)

The empty vessel that is the millennial mind also makes the leftist programming seem more plausible, and less susceptible to later evidence that clearly refutes it. Various pundits have been making a big to-do lately about Generation Z’s conservative leanings. But if all they have is a shallow curiosity for right wing memes, their conservative streak will be gone within a few weeks of arriving at university. Jordan Peterson, a psychology professor at the University of Toronto, has talked about this before. Studies have shown that most people don’t think through their positions in great detail, so they are easily swayed to the other side when forced to think through and argue for the opposing viewpoint.

Even if all the teachers do is do nothing – that gives the socialists a 13-year head start in pushing their propaganda on America’s youth.


Author: Paul Moroni

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