Finding The Ideal Housewife

 Author: Sam Blair


As Proud Boys, we believe in freedom of speech, gun advocacy, glorifying the entrepreneur, and of course, venerating the housewife. Finding the ideal housewife is something that those who are not engaged in marital matters may be facing a slight struggle in attaining, especially with the infiltration of progressive thoughts in every aspect of Western culture. As a Proud Boy, and as your brother, I’d like to share with you a few tips on how to respect women and earn their trust in the ever-changing dating scene and political battlefield.

Communicate openly about issues and ideas. All good relationships are built on communication, openness, and honesty. Hiding your dreams and passions from her is only going to create a divide between you, which will make it harder to connect as you drift apart. Bridge this gap by talking openly and often. Share your hopes, fears, and ideologies, and she'll feel free to share hers. This includes ideas that are difficult to talk about. You may think you should "protect her," but she is a smart, capable person just like you. She'll feel more touched that you trusted her than hurt by what you have to say.

Make eye contact. Eye contact breeds trust, closeness, and love. It shows that you're talking honestly and respectfully, whereas looking away may make you seem untrustworthy.

Make listening a priority. 50% of conversation is listening, but people often forget how important it is to shut up from time to time. Ask her questions and listen thoughtfully, nodding along and asking relevant questions when possible. If you've been talking for two to three minutes straight, it is time to slow down and ask her a question.


Give compliments as long as they are genuine. If you really like this lady, try unique compliments — "I love your laugh, it brightens up the whole room" — instead of saying something like,"You have beautiful eyes.” Avoid cheesy pick-up lines that she's probably heard before. A compliment only means something if you really mean that compliment. The more genuine and specific your compliment, the better it will be. Think about what you really love about her and let her know. Don't just regurgitate the lines you've heard from comedians, make up your own.

Be there for her when she's upset. Sometimes she doesn't expect you to offer a solution, but instead wants you to listen to her vent. Treat her with care and compassion when she shares her feelings with you. If she needs time and space, give it to her. Being supportive is about being there when she needs you. Even if something seems small to you, you need to show her that you care when she's upset. If she seems upset but won't talk, don't push her. Just listen. Ask her, "Is anything on your mind?" Or simply, "How is everything going?"Asking her if something is wrong implies that there is something bad happening, which can cause her to close up.

Make small, daily interactions into "mini-dates" from time to time. Take her on a moonlit walk, or out to get a honey butter chicken biscuit from Whataburger (or both since Whataburger starts selling breakfast at 11PM). Grab some nice take-out and a good movie for a surprise night in, cook her a meal before she gets home, or just ask her to come eat lunch on a park bench instead of in the cafeteria or break room. These little acts of kindness show that you are thinking of her and are willing to go out of the way to keep her happy. She’ll see how you want to keep her on her feet and not bogged down in monotony.

Remember and celebrate the special days, like birthdays and anniversaries. Take initiative on the big days and plan surprises, even if it’s something small like flowers or breakfast in bed. Having the foresight to celebrate these little milestones will make her feel special and show her that you value the relationship as much as she does. Doing so will help to reinforce your commitment to her and foster attitudes of affection.

Act chivalrously and remember your manners. Most men forget about opening doors, letting the lady on the inside, pulling out a chair for her, and carrying her belongings for her. Some believe that these behaviors are "old-fashioned." But nothing makes a girl notice you more than if you hold the door for her, help her with her books, or pull her chair out for her. Channel your inner gentleman. This isn't about patronizing her or acting like she isn't independent, it's about taking the time to be kind and thoughtful to someone who may very well be your life partner and the bearer of your children.

Finding a lady may be hard, but with enough determination, respect, and a little charm, any man can find a wife. Make it your daily goal to talk to at least three single women (that means no married women) and get commitment for a date from at least two of them. Women want to see confidence in you, so as Zig Ziglar would say, always be closing. And remember, as always, #NoWanks.


Author: Sam Blair

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