The Left’s Estranged Child

 By: Cameron Jester


Like an unwanted child’s mother, the Left has convinced America that the Alt-Right is not her responsibility. Even though the Left did everything necessary for the Alt-Right to be conceived and nourished to maturity, she still screams, “My party, my choice!” However, it's a little too late for the Left to disavow and abort. The Left has used bullying tactics to carry identity politics to term. To their disappointment, the baby came out a white male and they rejected him. This baby looks and sounds just like it's whiny and entitled mother, but for some reason many on the Right have been fostering the Alt-Right on behalf of the Left.


The Alt-Right holds views which are consistent with the Left’s view of race, but it wasn't exactly what the Left was looking for. The Left believes that the sins of white people are attributed to their skin color and that they should be shamed for it. The Alt-Right attributes their accomplishments to their skin color and are proud of them.


Oops! To the Left’s surprise, all ideas must be followed to their logical conclusions. However, not everyone is as silly as progressive Leftists and members of the Alt-Right. Both, classical liberals and conservatives, roll their eyes at progressive leftism and the Alt-Right. Yet, both sides are slow to criticize those they are associated with. In America no one is free from criticism.

*Trigger warning: I'm about to “punch Right.”


Punching Right is when you criticize a fellow Right-winger. The funny thing about “punching Right” however, is that you're only accused of it if you attack the Alt-Right. For example: When is the last time a member of the Alt-Right apologized for criticizing Ben Shapiro or Milo Yiannopoulos? Yet, many conservatives that I respect handle the Alt-Right with kid gloves. Being inclined and justified to criticize, and not doing so, makes you a coward. Forbidding criticism towards something or someone, makes you a bully. If you can't tolerate criticism, you're like Kim “Rocket Man” Jong-Un, one of the biggest bullies in the world. Real men hate two kinds of people: cowards and bullies. The Alt-Right can be criticized along with everyone else.


So, why is it contentious for conservatives to do so? Many won't disparage the Alt-Right because they are simply afraid of being at odds with the new cool kids in politics. They are afraid of being labeled a “Cuck,” or worse, being “doxxed.”


Cuck is a useful word, which refers to a man so full of shame and self-hatred that he allows whatever should be precious to him to be raped and pillaged. Indeed, cucked men are an epidemic in our society. However, while the usage of this term is successful in waking men out of their impotence and indifference, it is also abused by the Alt-Right.


To put it in perspective, imagine walking up to a college professor and telling them about any observation you have ever made about a race other than your own. The college professor will then call you a racist. Now, replace the college professor with an Alt-Right shit-poster, and replace your racial observation with any position on immigration to the left of Ann Coulter (Long Live The Queen). The Alt-Righter has now called you a cuck. When abused, both “racist” and “cuck” are terms for lazy and entitled brats to insult their opponent’s intelligence. Shutting down debate with labels is a tactic used by the Alt-Right and its mother, the Left.


Another tactic being used by Leftists and their estranged children is “doxxing.” Doxxing is searching for and publishing private information about a particular individual on the Internet, typically with malicious intent. The intention, of course, is to ruin the public perception of a person and thereby damage their life. This was made possible by the Left’s successful campaign to turn every Donald Sterling (Formerly the owner of the Los Angeles Clippers), into literally Adolf Hitler (literally Hitler). Now, this is the new normal. Everyone is one privacy breach away from being fired. If you think you have nothing to hide, please publish all of your texts online. Or at the very least, release all of your emails (Hillary). There are three deal breakers, gentlemen; you don't mess with a man’s home, family, or job. Period. Real men confront their problems directly. They don't ask the mob to do it for them.


But, for the Alt-Right, the mob is what it’s all about. Richard Spencer has argued during one of his lectures, “The strength of the pack is the wolf, and the strength of the wolf is the pack,” to describe the importance of the power that comes with being a part of a community. He has also expressed admiration for the way black people have traditionally called each other ‘brother’ and ‘sister.’ He wants a similar camaraderie among white people. Richard Spencer states that only Europeans could have built such great buildings and written such great literature, and so on and so forth. Believing this, he naturally advocates for his cherished people. However, the difficulty with advocating political positions based on the interests of one race, however, is that it is hard to find a consensus. Obviously, the Leftist “white allies” will oppose him. And the, “You will not replace us,” chant from Charlottesville will have the conservative whites cringing as they do with the, “HE WILL NOT DIVIDE US,” chant of Shia LeBeouf. In order for Richard Spencer to gain a consensus he must convince the world of his ideas.


That is my entire argument against him. It is ideas, not race, which make culture. It's about values. The tribe with the best ideas and values will rise above the rest. My prediction is that the whites that Richard desires to attract (the entrepreneurs/conquerors), will always be too busy with their personal endeavors to play “brother and sister” with the rest of the white race. He will continue to attract more of what is already the Alt-Right’s base: idle white men wasting their potential trying to be big-time Internet meme artists. The Alt-Right is young. It is full of young white men who were psychologically beaten without mercy by a Leftist dominated education system for 12 years of their lives. They were never exposed to true American values because those values are rarely taught in school. But the Left couldn't shelter them from the Internet, which the Alt-Right uses masterfully. These kids are hungry for the answer. Conservatism won't leave them empty.


On the one hand we have the Left, who have recently decided that free speech is hate speech. On the other, we have the Alt-Right, who love the principle of free speech (including “hate” speech), but hate the principle of principles because, “Muh Principles.” Boys, these are not our guys. They are a spitting image of the Left. Let's not forget who we are. We will have the honor of escorting the Alt-Right into any venue where they may communicate their ideas, and we will take pleasure in defeating their ideas. We will protect anyone’s right to their own ideas and examine them against our correct ones. There is a thing called truth, and we stand for it. The Father of Lies, His bride the Left, and their son, the Alt-Right, is a family we will never foster, but they will exist with the same freedoms as us, in the hopes that we can redeem them with the truth. To defeat the Left we must reject the Alt-Right and never consider them to be on our side of the political spectrum or have our interests in mind. They like us for as long as we are useful to them. No matter what you believe, Alpha up, or beta out, and stand by your convictions.


Author: Cameron Jester

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