The Government Is Your Enemy

By: Andrew Bell-Ramos


The Government is your enemy

 whether you’re a Democrat or a Republican. Politicians do not have your best interest at heart. They are all funded by private organizations that slide them cash under the table to pass laws that will give them and their industries a competitive edge in the market place. They do this to make their shady activities completely legal, unquestionable, and/or undetected. The higher up the totem pole you go, the worse the corruption gets. These people call themselves "Public Servants," however, they are very private about their activities and the only agenda they serve is their own. 

Whether it is at the national or local level, we the people need to become more aware of the people that are grabbing at the levers of power. They have way too much control and are enforcing their own subjective opinions to serve themselves and their agendas. These people are seen as pillars of the community and will do anything it takes to stay in power. Complete power corrupts completely. In my younger years, I helped with a Congressional campaign. One of the smartest people I’ve ever met that I highly respected approached me with the idea of helping contribute to his mission. I gladly accepted his offer because I believed in him and what he was doing. He was a Libertarian running for a seat in the Republican Party. I made almost 2,000 cold calls to local voters, walked dozens of miles to hang door signs, and planted large signs in multiple counties in the Dallas/Fort Worth area. This man had a strong will and solid value to bring to the conversation and to the duties the job would entail. Unfortunately, he did not get the seat. The man who had been holding the position for a VERY long time won. Not because he was doing a good job, but because he was a celebrity who had tons of funding and influence from local businesses, which caused him to win by a decent margin. This is a prime example of how imbalanced governmental power is. The Scales of Justice should always be balanced, but when all of the power and influence is in the hands of a few people, it prevents normal everyday people with good intentions from ever getting the chance to make a difference.


The government no matter how big or how small is a bloated tick that leeches funds from productive individuals and businesses to continue to regulate the activities we do as they see fit. The government itself produces nothing and ruins everything. Our tax dollars are funding their escapades and if we allow corrupt politicians to continue to play this power and regulation game without risks, the situation will never get better. Since Donald Trump became President of the United States he has delivered on his promises to regulate, slash, and dismantle most of the useless government programs that cause most of the stress we experience in day-to-day life. Maybe for once we have someone in charge that realizes the government is too big, too strong, and too slow. We need change, and we need it now!


Author: Andrew Bell-Ramos

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