How the Left Inadvertently Created Trump-Era Conservatism

How the Left Inadvertently Created Trump-Era Conservatism

By Kaiser Wayne


When I was in college, I wrote a paper about something I called Ironic, Virtual Neo-jingoism. I basically asserted that the ultra-patriotic image macros i.e.; bald eagles with weapons, "murica, fuck yeah", founding fathers punching deadly wildlife, were ironic, and so ridiculous that they could only be accepted as satire. However following the most recent election, I have seen that I was wrong.

So thus follows the sequel to my first paper.

Barack Obama was overwhelmingly elected by millennials and minorities. He had an unprecedented level of voter turnout in 2008. He ran his campaign upon "hope and change." Yet as his presidency wore on, many saw his soft reactions to islam and his bowing to foreign leaders as weakness. Even so, a vocal minority saw what many deemed weakness, as an attitude of acceptance.

While the college and high school juniors and seniors of Obama's early presidency progressed in to early adulthood and realized the ramifications of his regime and became more conservative, those growing into their teens became enthralled by acceptance culture.

The majority of students at schools, are simply not “cool kids”. They may not be good at sports, they may be socially awkward or, otherwise unremarkable. As these teenagers explored their high school’s social hierarchies they began to find acceptance with members of their own caste. For most kids this is the end, they have their friends and that’s it.  However, some of the weirder kids turned to the internet for acceptance. Some went to 4chan, and others went to Tumblr.


Tumblr allowed acceptance culture to metastasize. Teenswere a click away from gay rights, gender fluidity, feminism(cancer), and any other leftist aligned identity politics. Tumblr had turned a culture of acceptance into a culture of victimhood. These students needed to be a victim in order to be accepted. They required minority status. This eventually led to logic becoming a fallacy within their circles as their minority-majority echo chamber grew.

Those kids are now college age. They are entering a place where ideas are and should be tested. Instead, they are clamoring for safe spaces and rioting to protest speakers with differing opinions. They have been so swept up with victimhood and the free acceptance of their Tumblr peers, that they do not know what normalcy is. They have no other option than to equivocate differing ideas as offensive fascism or oppression. Their ridiculous behavior and circular logic was quickly seized upon by trolls.SJW's had become the newest gold mine of trolling and cringe. YouTube SJW’s like Milo Stewart and Riley Dennishave provided hours of content so deep with intersectionality that they, like ultra-patriotic memes the leftists originally createdmust be parody. However, they are not. They are serious. They truly believe their messages.


The left didn’t just create ultra-patriotic memes, they ultimately ended up creating ultra-patriots.All the while they have been creating their own end. When “Genital Preferences are Transphobic” as suggested by Riley J. Dennis, there is a problem with your side of politics.Western culture is winning because regressive leftists thought that irony and parody had been the nails in the coffin of conservatism. Instead they were bullets in our gun, we embraced the parody and made it authentic. The left is instead continuing to embrace victimhood. As they should, they will be victims of failed elections for years to come, so long as they continue to break the fourteenth rule of the internet, and feed the trolls.