Tales of Ordinary Whiteness: Part 1

Tales of Ordinary Whiteness: Part 1

By: Cpt. Poboy  


It's like a sudden rush of water every morning when the alarm goes off. Morning rituals cause Sam to clean his body, put on clothes and groom his head. All the while, dodging the cat like land mines in Egypt. Let's get a closer view as he gets in his car to go to work. Sam is in the entertainment business. No, he is not a famous musician, athlete or actor, he is a cartoonist for a comic book series he writes, illustrates and publishes himself. Yes, Sam is a modern day entrepreneur, a supporter of the free market, a so called republican. With the goal of reaching fame and fortune one day he grinds every morning and every night. Now it's May, convention season, time to sale this funny books he's been creating all winter.

Before the convention, Sam decides to get food at his favorite breakfast destination, chik fil a. While waiting patiently at a stop sign, Sam looks to his left and a black man with is car window down, is staring right at him. As the man stares deep into Sams soul the man shouts out, "what are you looking at, white faggot". Luckily the light turned green and Sam made his way into the parking lot. Sam looked in the rear view mirror at himself and said humorously, "What the hell was that about? I know I'm white but I'm not a faggot." That being said, welcome to America, a place where you are aloud to be a racist... unless you're white. 


"Your destination is on your right", says the google maps lady. Sam pulls in the parking garage, unloads the equipment and promptly sets it up. The show has begun. Customers coming in and out, back and forth, the show is looking good financially so far. Then it happened, the artist setup next to Sam decides to introduce himself. "How's it going", he says. "I'm Drew, guess we're going to be neighbors this weekend". Sam stands up, shakes his hand and returns the introduction. Then Drew says, "Man, I've been walking around and noticed a lot of artists are doing pin ups of the classic Captain America cover". Everyone is familiar with that cover because it was used during WW2, it's the iconic image of Captain America crashing through the door as he punches Hitler in the face. Drew was referring to people doing their own rendition of their characters punching Donald Trump in the face. Sam thought that Drew was upset about this but shortly found out otherwise when Drew pulled a pin up off his own table. "See, I did one to, this is my character punching Trump in the face", Drew said. Sam couldn't bite his tongue any longer. Sam quickly responded by telling him that the image he did the rendition of was practically industry standard and that it wasn't as edgy as Drew had hoped. Drew asked,"what do you mean by that?" Sam began to say that it would probably cooler and way more edgier or avant-garde if it was an image of Donald Trump punching Bernie Sanders in the face. Drew looked at Sam with extreme disgust, as if Sam just took a giant butt load of crap on all of his hopes and dreams. Drew replied back, "that wouldn't be cool at all". Sam asked back, "Why not? Trump won!" Drew couldn't come up with any reason except by stomping his feet and saying, "because Trump sucks". This is a typical reaction from the left,  that don't really have a reason to hate our president, they just do because it's trendy and fashionable amongst their friends. Sam ended the conversation by saying, "No he doesn't, Trump rocks!" The look on Drews face was priceless. As if he was thinking, who, what, how could this guy be an artist and support President Trump! This is how, Sam is an entrepreneur, a capitalist, not a cuck boy hypocrite!