The Difference Between Men and Women

The Difference between Men and Women.
By: Andrew Bell

I know that some peoples mouths are drying out because they are jaw-dropped at the meer suggestion that men and women are different in any way what so ever. Even a child who failed a simple middle school biology class can tell you that of course men and women are different, in very distinct and special ways. Nicolas Matte, a professor at the university of Toronto was quoted on television saying “It’s not correct that there is such a thing as biological sex”. It’s this very dangerous narrative that dis-empowers young men and women from progressing as normal rational people. It enables people who essentially are scared little children to avoid the responsibilities of adulthood with a cloak of subjective reality. It was a roll of the dice, you don’t get to decide whether your a man or a woman. Instead of trying to become something else, why not become the best version of who you actually are. I am 5’6, and I never for a second have I had the thought come into my mind that I could have a career as a professional NBA player. I am structured in a certain way that puts me at a SIGNIFICANT disadvantage for that sport, especially at such a fast paced and competitive level. I don’t say the game isn’t fair and I don’t demand they lower the basket height to accommodate me. I would have to skill up to the point of being the best shooter in the entirety of the games history to the point my height wouldn’t be of consequence (which is ridiculously impractical...) OR I could focus my efforts on something that I could actually attain. Plan B sounds much better to me. I think most of us understand the main basic ways men and women are different. I’m not saying women can’t do things men usually do, and I’m not saying men can’t do things women usually do. But that point is contingent on the premise that there are “men things” and “women things”. Let’s start for instance with nursing. Women dominate nursing because they have inherently within them to naturally be caring and to me that’s one of the most beautiful things about women.


Women are “Humans 2.0”. Men need women to slow them down, to hold their hand and point to the beauty humans are surrounded by daily. When God created man he saw how lonely misguided he was, so He created the contrast to the character traits he instilled in men. Bringing motivation to fight and clarity to his vision they worked together in a perfect harmonious balance. On a large scale Men tend to be war makers and Women tend to be peacemakers, they complete each other and balance each other out. When people tell me they feel like they are lost, I know that they aren’t choosing to fulfill intrinsic obligations to serve at that level of bringing that balance to someone.

The analogy I most commonly use to describe this is that of a rose. Men are like the roots and stem, the strength. The thorns to protect and the stem to up-hold and support the flower. Women are like the Flower, the desirable part. The flower holds all of the beauty and character, along with it’s lovely fragrance. Both completely different, but both come together to form what we all know and love.

Now, I know there is a small percentage of women that think they are oppressed and have it significantly worse off then men in almost every way, which is completely false. If you are to look at the OVERWHELMING amount of evidence that supports the factual reality.

If you head over to , it may just blow your mind.

It may be to your surprise that personally I am okay with some of the statistics. In my personal opinion men should be 100% of combat fatalities, not 97%. (Now I’m not saying women shouldn’t be in the military or shouldn’t be able to do whatever they want.) But in my opinion men should be the ones to give their lives to protect the women and children safe back at home. I firmly believe that men should be working around the clock to create a resplendent paradise for women, in my opinion that just “our part of the deal”. but to suggest that “Men aren’t doing a good enough job.” or how “oppressed women are in America” is disgusting and offensive. Either way... I digress.