Battle for Austin, TX.

Battle for Austin, TX.

By: Cpt. Poboy


What happened in Houston was unfortunate. However, the silver lining was the amount of Patriots that showed up to defend Texas while at the same time defending America. If the amount of Patriots showed up to Austin like they did in Houston, we would send those commies back to their mommies. We must put the past behind us and learn from our mistakes. We know now, the focus of our movement must migrate to Austin, Texas. This is ground zero for Antifa activity. It's time to stop fucking around, re-group, and organize. 


Not all of us are in lockstep on every issue. But what we do share is the bond of bravery and brotherhood. Liberty over the collective. Being an activist is messy at first and we will all make our fair share of mistakes. But we learn on the job and through this we form a powerful coalition. We are the future of American grassroots activism. If Austin screams, we scream louder. If Austin fights, we fight harder. 

We must mobilize ourselves as patriots and head toward Austin, Texas on Saturday, July 1st. The 1776 Freedom March, needs all proud western chauvinists willing to fight for freedom. This time we will stop Antifa, and reclaim Austin for the Republic. Alpha up or beta out! If you don't know, now you know, "AUSTIN, WE HAVE YOU SURROUNDED!"