The 1776 Freedom March: What to expect in Austin, when you are expecting Antifa

The 1776 March: What to Expect in Austin, When You are Expecting Antifa

By: Ian Schatte



July 1st in Austin, Texas ||Woolridge Square|| 900 Guadalupe

          The second annual 1776 Freedom March will be underway. The Texas Proud Boys will be using this as the second state-wide meet up and will be providing security for the veterans and marchers reveling in the streets.

From the 1776 Freedom March event page:
In 1776, we the people of the United States of America declared our Independence. On July 1st 2017, we will celebrate not only our Independence, but our return to American Exceptionalism by marching forward for American First! We March for America, for Freedom, for Liberty and Justice. Bring Your Flags, bring your Patriotism, as we stand up and march to the capital in support of our country and its return to greatness. Presented by Texans United for America.
June 10th was the national Anti-Sharia law protest. Plenty of armed, well trained patriots were practicing open and concealed carry. We also saw armed Antifa, communists, socialists, and anti-Americans with their fingers on triggers and not an ounce of firearm knowledge or safety amongst them. Here is a video posted by Dark Triad showing exactly how uneducated this ragtag “militia” are when it comes to the law.

I fully believe we have rattled the wasp nest with the Sharia protests. Antifa and its fellow radical leftist groups have lost the intellectual battle and daily are calling for all out open war.

As a seventh-generation Texan, I will never ask a fellow American / Proud Boy not to carry his weapon if he chooses to do so. It is not only your right to carry, (I prefer concealed), but your duty when you carry to know the law and to protect your fellow countryman. I will, however, insist that if you are carrying; not to engage in frontline fisticuffs. The last thing we need is Antifa going for your holster or you losing your weapon in a scuffle. There will be plenty of places to station you with a great view of the march, it just won’t be face to face with masked idiots.

With that being said, here’s what to expect.


Expect fights. As our Austin chapter will tell you, ATX is a hotbed for leftist antics and I really don’t believe I am shocking any of you with this news. This would be a great time to remind all of you that we do not swing first. As seen in Portland, here, Antifa punches are like a sip of water after a shot of Rumplemintz, refreshing with a little bit of a sting. You can take the punch, then defend yourself.

To quote William Poole, aka Bill the Butcher, “I will teach you to speak English with this knife.” When we fight Antifa, we are fighting them as an older brother would fight a younger brother. We are bigger, stronger, and more equipped for these situations. We are punching them to teach them. We will not be stomping on heads and torsos after they have been brought down, and will certainly not be using knives/brass knuckles.

Expect a lot of people. Last year, in the rain, this march had around 1,500 people and that was pre-Trump election. Groups such as: the Ex-Military, Latinos for Trump, Oath Keepers, and local independent militias will be on hand marching and walking with us. This will be a great time to network and scout out future Proud Boys who can be an asset. During the march, we will have some time do first degrees with great optics, however we will be saving all second degrees until we can secure a more private space later in the evening.

Expect cameras. Local Austin news will be there with a cordoned off section from which to report. Infowars will be walking around as it is their backyard. Independent Youtubers, Periscopers, and Facebook Livers will be everywhere. Be aware that you are representing the Proud Boys, with or without your Fred Perry. If you get a camera stuck in your face and you feel uncomfortable, Gavin has you covered:


“We are a multiracial, fraternal organization and we no longer talk to the press because you lie. If your article calls us Alt-Right or white nationalist or implies we are racist, we are taking you to court.” – Say thank you, and walk away.

Expect to have fun. These are the events for which our group was created. There will be speakers to listen to, people to network with and talk to, and plenty of attractive women to flirt with. Expect to have some beers with Proud Boys not from your city. If you don’t know a brother’s, name shake his hand and introduce yourself. If you forget it, buy him a beer and ask him again. These are the Texas Proud Boys that will have your back and defend you while we are in the street and just going about your life, get to know them. There will be plenty of bar hopping and after parties when the march is over. You will have a good time.

I’m glad to see this level of excitement from all of you and as I write this, we are only a mere two weeks away. Below is a quick list of items that can be helpful. I look forward to seeing all of the Texas Proud Boys together and reconnecting with some of the awesome gentlemen that I met back in April.

-Ian Schatte – Houston Chapter

Quick List

WaterFirst AidA, clean shirt, RIDE AUSTIN app (it’s like Uber in ATX)A copy of Pat Buchanan’s Death of the West, Positive attitude (no one likes a wet blanket), Camera / Live Streaming gear|| Phone charger, Close toed shoes and appropriate socks.