We the People, Think Communism Smells Like Body Odor and Moth Balls.

"We the People, Think Communism Smells Like Body Odor and Moth Balls"

By: Cpt. Poboy  


Whether you are liberal or conservative we need both wings to make this eagle fly straight. People on the right and people on the left do not have to understand or agree with each other's culture, opinions, or way of life. What we do have in common is we both have to observe and obey the law of the land. The constitution is the law of the land. It applies to all citizens of the United States of America. When the constitution was written, our founding fathers understood the nature of man. Less government intervention meant more freedom. More freedom is punk rock! Therefore, our founding fathers were, punk as fuck!

Interesting little fact. 

Interesting little fact. 

It is no ones responsible to keep you alive other than yourself. Your neighbor has enough on their plate and doesn't need the burden of supporting you. To all you Socialists/Communists out there, who believe you have claim to the property we have acquired is to also say that you have claim to the labor we have put in to obtain such property. That being said, if you have claimed our labor then we are your slave. This is why we as capitalist will defend our property. Our hard work does not belong to you. We are not your slaves. We as a society truly are, as Ozzy Osborne said, " going off the rails on a crazy train". This is an epic quote about the Cold War.

To all the communists and socialists out there, we as capitalists declare, you are not our responsibility. If you want something for free, don't be lazy, set up a charity to help whatever cause you deem worthy. If people care, they will fund the cause. Let people give of their own free will and accord. Stop trying to destroy our persuit of happiness. 


If Communism is so great, why do people in communist countries risk being killed trying to escape. Never in the history of western culture has a person been killed trying to escape Capitalism. Some Communists will say that Capitalists are greedy, sure some are. However, there is nothing more greedy than organizing and demanding free stuff!