The State Knife of Texas

 "The State Knife of Texas"

By: Cpt. Poboy


 Yeeeeeee Haw! It's about friggin time! Our Governor, Greg Abbot signed a bill on June 15, 2017, that made certain knives which were formally illegal, now legal to carry in the state of Texas. And yes, the greatest Knife in the world, the Bowie Knife, was on that list. As of September 1st, you will legally be allowed to carry a Bowie Knife to the grocery store, Whataburger, and if you are lucky, a funeral. California and New York ain't got nothin' on us. First automatic opening knives and then Bowie Knifes! Don't you just love less government interference? POYB Gov. Abbot you are surely making your rounds on good decision.  

The man himself, James Bowie

The man himself, James Bowie

According to The Texian Partisan website, an article written by Noah Smithwick states the passage of this bill was a welcome announcement to the Texas Nationalist Movement, for it has long been a legislative priority, going back to 2015.  To TNM it didn’t make a lick of sense that, in the nation that was formed from the blood of heroes such as James Bowie, it was illegal to carry the knife that bears his name.  The Texas House resolved earlier this year to make the Bowie knife the “state knife” of Texas, and so it’s only fitting that we can now carry such a knife in honor of those who did so before us.

Guess it's time to dig mine out of the closet! UHURU!!