Hey Dad, Do You Have a Minute?

 "Hey Dad, Do You Have a Minute?"

By: Bob Coyle 


My oldest son has asked me many questions about politics over the years and my favorite has to be, “Dad, why do liberals suck so bad?”

I remember my answer being very judicial and measured.  I told him:

“Liberals do suck, but the reason they suck usually comes from a good place.  Most liberals believe in similar things as us.  They believe a nation is judged by how said nation treats its weak citizens.  Conservatives, typically believe this is true as well.”  I continued to tell him the difference usually is in “Placing of the Bar” for being weak.  “Liberals have no limit to their ability to measure someone as weak or not able to achieve success.  They also often won’t have a limit to money needed to be thrown at the problem, whatever they think the problem is.  They use our tax money by the way.“

I continued…

“A liberal will look at a person who doesn’t have as much as another person in a similar situation and will immediately determine, with zero perspective, that this person has been slighted in some way or left behind by our society.  If someone is out of work for an extended period of time, there must be some reason that caused the lack of employmentthat has nothing to do with the individual.  Like I said there is no limit to the classification of weak by a typical liberal.  They refuse to acknowledge personal responsibility when it comes to any bad situation.  They believe there must be some action taken by the rest of society to make sure that everyone is taken care of.”


The conservatives however…

“We look at things through a more micro lens with a broader more personal perspective, as opposed to a macro view with no relevant perspective at all.    If someone has a mental or physical disorder, stopping them from being able to take care of themselves, you will find conservatives have little problem with finding a way to help them.  If an individual does have a strong back and a strong mind they should be able to take care of themselves, and we expect them to.”

“If someone is out of work for an extended period of time, I want to know exactly why that is.  Was it a layoff, a conflict, did the company go out of business or something else.  Did the individual cause himself/herself to be out of work?  Why don’t they go down to the labor corner in their local town and wait for a day labor job to become available?   Why don’t they go get a job in fast food?  Why don’t they walk up and down their streets with a lawnmower, shovel or rake looking for work?”

“I ask these questions because these are things I have done many times when I needed more money or when I no longer had my primary source of income.  Often, I find the reason they don’t do these things is because they believe this type of work to be below them.  Or, they know they can get more money by applying for assistance.”

I finished by saying…

“Pay attention to people around you and what they do when they are met with difficulties.  How do they respond?  Do they look for someone to hand them money or do they look to put a shovel in their own hand and get to work?”

“Son, I love you.  You have to decide what you are going to do when tough times find their way to you, or, when you find your way to tough times.  Are you going to get to beggingor are you going toget to work.”

I should have said…

Son, liberals do suck and I am pretty sure they suck because they just might be evil.  Keep your head on swivel and only interact with them as much as you have to.  Is your f***ing homework done?  Then clean you room and get some sleep.Tell your mother you love her.”