How To Fight

"How to Fight"

By: Andrew Bell-Ramos


When, not if you find yourself in a situation where you need to defend yourself or someone else that can’t defend themselves, you need to know how to handle yourself. Now there are many different dynamics to this. For instance, if you find yourself in conflict with another person, the first and most important move is to try and deescalate the situation back to only a verbal conflict or find a way to remove yourself in a way that doesn’t dishonor yourself. your enemy may have no respect for you but you must always have respect for yourself. Address the situation and do not be a coward.

A Gentlemen NEVER hits first, but once you are physically engaged by another male you should only return with the same type of attacks. If you take a punch in the face you shouldn’t strike back with a kick in the groin, roll up your sleeves and get ready to exchange offensive and defensive maneuvers.

The entire goal of a fight is to end it. A serious conflict arose to cause it, so here are some guidelines...

* Point the tips of your fingers into the center of you palm and cover firmly with your thumb.
* No weapons. If any weapons become involved, remove yourself from the situation as fast as possible.
* No biting or scratching EVER.
* If multiple people are trying to attack you, leave fast.
* If your opponent is down do not taunt them, you won. (Ideally, offer them a hand up.)

* Always watch your back and be aware of people that may jump in against you.

Now when it comes to having a conflict with a woman, the rules are completely different. The Third Wave Feminist types think it’s a punch for a punch. Which is obviously ridiculous, Men have a vastly different structure. The size of a mans hands are much larger and can generate much more striking force because of their layout for upper body strength. If you’re a man and get into a conflict with a female here are some guidelines...

* If a Lady maliciously shoves you, you should probably take your leave.
* If a Woman maliciously shoves you, quickly and articulately question her motive.
* If a Lady slaps you in the face, you probably deserved it. Let her walk away, you don’t move.
* If a Woman slaps you in the face, you can slap her back depending on the situation.
* Grabbing and holding onto them is frowned upon.
* A Lady wouldn’t punch you. However if a Woman punches you, block and duck until she stops. If you are receiving serious damage and strongly perceive yourself to be in danger you should throw as few punches as possible.
* If a Woman pulls a gun or knife on you, full strength punches are allowed.

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