Make Men Great Again

"Make Men Great Again"

By: Andrew Bell-Ramos


Hard working fellows with dirty fingernails and dirt stained clothes built this country. With a restless passion for more, driven by a un-deniable sense of purpose. We built roads to cities we created and conquered and then built skyscrapers to push human existence to it’s height, figuratively and literally. Men with an insatiable desire to beat each other at everything was and is the “nuclear reactor” (if you will) that has driven and will continue to drive human civilization forward.

It’s dis-hardening and heartbreaking to see most men portrayed in the media as stupid, out of touch, gross, in-sensitive and selfish brutes with a bad sense of humor. A prime example of this is the character Al Bundy from the Television show “Married with children”. He hates his life and job, while coming under severe scrutiny by his children ungrateful and lazy wife. This rhetoric isn’t good for anyone.

Most young boys in schools these days get lower grades than most young girls, because behavior is factored into in most cases. Which as a simple sentence or idea, doesn’t cause harm or seem radical in any way. leads to the next logical question.

Who determines what good behavior is?

The answer is, (in most cases) people who prefer the attitude of and behavior of most young girls. My position is simply, the war on boys is very real. With the dangerous narrative that men should no longer operate with the same roles and biological dispositions and inclinations they have had since the beginning of recorded history, AT LEAST these things will have serious social effects.

In my researched backed opinion, it’s a very bad idea.

I believe it’s pure ignorance not to acknowledge and celebrate the many differences people may have. When it comes to males doing male things, females are happier.

"Anyone who does not provide for their relatives, and especially for their own household, has denied the faith and is worse than an unbeliever” (1 Timothy 5:8).

Men have certain inescapable responsibilities, Leadership, Provision and Protection.

For millennia men have been the ones who enforce the punishments at home. Women, who have a much higher tendency to be significantly more nurturing and affectionate bring the the much needed balance into the equation. Ying and Yang. Good cop, Bad Cop. Having this stark contrast is so very important. No one questions the fact that too much of anything is a bad for you. Why don’t more people have that same view towards families these days? doesn’t it make complete common sense? Children raised in an overly feminine environment tend to be more soft than the average male or female. and vise-a-versa. Children raised in an overly masculine environment tend to be much more aggressive.

In my opinion, let boys learn to become like their fathers and let girls grow up to become like their mothers.

The dad is a pivotal key in all societies across this planet. I find that most young people are stumbling through life with the plethora of new emotions and vast amounts of confusion about who they and what kinds of roles they can, or even would want to fill. For instance, in third world countries you are not allotted the luxury of choice. Even a whisper of an idea of being something great and important are very quickly drowned out by the deadening reality of starvation and essential survival. You can’t begin to even imagine the reality of wanting to be a brave fighter pilot or a life saving surgeon when all you can think about it the rumbling from your stomach, or the stomach of your children. All you care about is survival, period. Millions of people form lines for miles to have a slim chance at working in a sweat shop or toxic factory for one simple reason, they want to continue to exist. With little water and food, stricken by poverty these people will steal or even kill to provide for their families in the most “barbaric” or simple ways. In America, which undeniably has the greatest system in all of human history, we are afforded the most expensive thing in all of humanity. Choices. Such choices have afforded many men the chance to become the best version of themselves, Gentlemen. One of the pictures that may come to mind as you think of a gentleman may be a man with a waxed mustache, sitting cross legged in a chair by the fire in his library smoking a wooden pipe. but, do not think even for a second when confronted with the harsh reality of “Provide or die” for his family that he wouldn’t roll up his sleeves and do ANYTHING that was MORAL and ETHICAL to make sure his family was taken care of.