Not My Archie

"Not My Archie"

By: Cpt. Poboy 


Who remembers Archie Comics? The town of Riverdale? The love triangle? Archie Comics holds a special place in O.G. fans hearts for being a simple depiction of a small town and the young hearts that grew up in it.

The CW Network spit up multiple episodes of the show Riverdale in order to propagate the normalization of sexual deviancy and pedophilia. Yes, pedophilia, in the first episode. The relationship between a teacher and student was not frowned upon, yet tries to make the audience sympathize with the teacher through extensive montages and hipster music. Totally progressive, super cool, teen soap... GROSS!! 

The show Riverdale is not a show about the Archie universe. It's a standard leftist attempt to make a politically correct show about teenage angst. All the network did was plug in the Archie characters to a simple narrative and BOOM, Archie show!


Archie Comics was a humor magazine, a depiction of a boy named Archie getting into shenanigans with his good pal Jughead. The most sinister thing to ever happen in the town of Riverdale was the time someone stole all the hamburger meat from Pops Diner. In the show Riverdale, multiple murders arise. What the hell does murder have to do with a humor magazine? Let's not mention the cultural appropriation of Josie and the Pussycats. Not only is Josie an African American, but her entire band of Pussycats share the trait. Why stop there, if they are going to just change the ethnicity of the characters then wouldn't it be politically correct to make Archie an Iraqi and Jughead a Hispanic with transsexual parents.

The show takes the time to match the hair color of the main cast but throws all that out the window when it comes to side characters.

I wouldn't be surprised if they wrote in the script that Archie now identifies as a 4 year old girl and Jughead is his sugar daddy.

But hey, we're cool, we're with it!