Economic Policy is Moral Policy

Economic policy is moral policy

By Brian Consoli, MBA

Ben Shapiro once said that we on the right make a mistake of arguing efficiency and efficacy in the arena of policy platform.  We argue for policy that produces results rather than stooping to the left’s level of making all matters of political discussion into questions of morality.  Character arguments always beat efficiency arguments in the court of public approval.  Knowing this, we need calibrate and make our approach to policy always personal with an appeal to moral judgement. 

The macro argument we need to make is that the LEFT is dangerous and morally repugnant to the citizens of the USA.  Nowhere is this more apparent than 50 years of urban wreckage strewn about via LEFT economic policy

When I was a child my father, a great economist and business professional, said to me, "The road to Hell is paved with good intentions".  His wisdom pointed to the damage that the willfully ignorant inflict on themselves and others when they act before thinking.  What statement could better describe the current push and subsequent disaster in leftist urban centers regarding the ever growing minimum wage?

Below is a link leading to WAPO’s citation of a recently released University of Washington report which describes the current failures associated with a forced hike in the mandatory minimum wage in Seattle.  Guess what?  It did work out the way that leftist politicians had hoped.  It turns out that you CAN’T force a business to pay low wage workers more than the value they drive into an establishment.

This study is only the most recent study proving what we already know about the mandatory minimum wage.  It doesn’t work!  Good intentions on the left are paving the road to hell for disenfranchised in America.

Keep in mind that almost ALL people on the right  agree that a "livable wage" is important to base of the pyramid citizens of the USA.  We’ve also observed  definitive evidence and outcomes via the studies produced by the San Fran Fed (2016), Harvard (2017), and now U of Wash (2017)  that max minimum wages have either minor or major negative impact.  Zero outcomes observed prove positive effect.  People at the base of the pyramid either lose their jobs or get their hours cut as the result of liberal economic policy.  The left is literally starving people with their well intended economic policy.  We end up on the right side of history once again.

The best way to grow wages is by bolstering business free cash flow. The only two ways to do so are to decrease tax burdens or spur on earnings growth. Only one can be altered at the legislative level (tax cuts).  Comprehensive tax reform is going to be the gateway towards future standard of living growth. Business in America is waiting with billions and billions of dollars in reserve with their eyes on the horizon. Only tax reform will open up the coffers.

We Proud Boys are morally right when it comes to economics.  The maximum minimum wage kills jobs.  Tax cuts lead to more jobs, higher earnings for small business, wage growth, and a standard of living increase for all people.  We win both in both efficacy and morality.