Conservatives Are Avant-garde

Conservatives Are Avant-garde

By: Cpt. Poboy  


It's very hard being a conservative artist in 2017. The art scene is no doubt predominantly liberal. And almost every movie, song, and T.V. show express liberal ideologies.

We are taught in art school that artists were supposed to be aware of popular belief and turn it upside down. Be a rebel. Nowadays, if you try to express a different point of view amongst fellow artists, you risk being socially outcasted, name called and sometimes publically humiliated. The reality is that artists, who are supposed to welcome new ideas, absolutely do not. Instead, artists are the new "preps" and "jocks" from those cheesy 80's movies who stuff nerds into lockers and then give each other high fives. They have become everything they've hated.

Now that they are industry standard, what are they fighting for? When I studied art, we were taught that the avant-garde was opposed to conformity and social norms. They are the norm, so who are they rebelling against? History has shown that great art comes from oppressions, depressions and recessions. I'm curious to see what art becomes when the artists are the ones doing the oppressing. My thoughts are, the conservatives will be the ones who will create the next big art movement. Maybe, it's already started.


Furthermore, great art is supposed to push the boundaries of self expression and make the uncomfortable comfortable and the comfortable uncomfortable. This is a new era in art, being conservative is avant-garde. The good news is, most liberal artists are trendy poseurs who eventually follow the heard. They strive to be different yet accepted. Once they learn that being conservative is socially different, it will spread amongst the sheep like wild fire. We are the new conservative avant-garde. True forward thinkers and ahead of our time. We must be patient and let the left catch up. We must enjoy this time while we have it to yourselves.