Let's Call a Spade, a Spade


"Let's Call a Spade, a Spade" 

By: Andrew Bell-Ramos


Men are driven by their chemicals and women are driven by their emotions. Women make decisions based on their heart and Men make decisions based on their bodies.

Let's start with Men. I feel that most of what men do is sexually motivated. (Which isn't a bad thing) If you think of it, even little boys will do "stupid" things to get the attention of people, which is a skill that once developed they are able to use to gain the attention and impress possible mates. Any male pride or posturing is to gain that female attention and to intimide any other males that might risk their ability to obtain the best mate. "Nice Guys" are the ones who get used and abused. They are confused why being a push-over gets you pushed over. They are the males that do the majority of their nice deeds without taking into consideration themselves and their own happiness. If you pour out your cup completely, you'll run out of what you need for yourself. Men showboating is a good thing and women like it. (no matter how much they say it's ridiculous.) The whole perpous of men being motivated to do things for sex is a good thing. Once we "get it", children are made and a family is created or is being managed and enjoyed. Nothing is a more powerful of a tool than a intelegent woman "dangling the carrot" of sex to get pretty much anything she wants. "Women facilitate natural selection." As Jordan Peterson points out.

Women are driven by their emotions. Which isn't a bad thing either! They do most things based on how It makes themselves and others feel. This causes women to over-think about most things and analyze very faccit of the possible outcomes. Which is partly the reason why Men have been the decision makers, because for women it's nice to have a decision made for you (that is in your best interest), that they can just enjoy instead of worrying if they made the wrong choice. Women just like Men, want to be happy. However, I think women worry about their happiness more than Men. Men tend to meander through life just doing things, like someone stumbling down a dark hallway in the middle of the night. Women tend to be more calculated with their actions in long term situations.

Ying and Yang. Our differences create a beautiful, well  functioning machine. "Women are people too!" In some cases have been interpreted to be "Women are Men too!".

Celebrate. Our. Differences.

I don't want to live in a world where everyone is the same. Acts the same, dresses the same, does the same job.

People are allowed to be different and that should be celebrated! This is America, we are allowed to be and do whatever we want! Be who you are! Don't feel pressured into becoming a part of the Grey Blob of conformity that is becoming more popular by the day.

If anything can be destroyed by the truth, it should be.

Let's destroy this stupid narrative of not having opinions and pre-election to certain things and behaviors. This garbage philosophy that says you aren't allowed to talk or express yourself because it may offend someone else.

Stand with me and realized the greatness on which we stand that we used to operate with only a few decades ago.