Red Pilled: My Escape From Ignorance

Red Pilled: My Escape From Ignorance

By: Nick A. Mortis


An odd statistic was pointed out to me recently, and I have no idea how this didn't cross my mind or thought process: Most of you in Proudboys Texas were probably brought up as conservatives (not a bad thing at all). See, I grew up in a large heavily-populated-by-illegals metropolis. Phoenix, Arizona; The Valley of the Sun. I don't know if you could blame my former progressive liberal standing more on my friends, the public education system, or the lack of rich heritage, history and tradition in Phoenix. For the sake of this piece, we can blame all three.

I can remember the moment I redpilled like it was yesterday, but what's been slowing me down writing this article is remembering when my lefty indoctrination began. My first understandings of the differences between the Left and the Right were that Republicans stood for greed, outdated religion, hating gays and muslims, but also for certain important aspects of the constitution; Where as the left (or so I believed) stood for progress! Women are victims of our masulinity! The misunderstood faith of Islam! Let's not leave out what cucked my mindset for the longest time, those poor oppressed gays and trannies! Who are we to say gays can't marry and who am I to judge if a woman was born in the wrong body (I actually experienced an ounce of gender confusion myself, but that's for a whole other article)!

My parents taught me nothing of philosphy or ideology. I've never been baptised (I'm still an atheist to this day) and I had no idea my parents were conservatives, they let me figure it all out myself and I have thanked them both for the lack of bias in my upbringing. Even though it took me til 22 years of age to begin the process of red pilling (yes, it really took me years, ending with jumping on the Trump Train) I'm grateful that I was able to gain the same wisdom they had but on my own. For as long as I can remember, I've been a rebel; go against the grain, normality is an illness, conformity is death. Through my teenage years I hung around punks and metalheads, looking back it was probably because they too fought the mainstream, they were hugely part of counter-culture.

My earliest memory of entering the lefty echo chamber was at 15, freshman year in highschool. I had rolled with a buddy for years, nicknamed Racer. We were pretty similar; grew up listening to rock and metal, loved video games, and we both enjoyed smoking the shitty weed we could occaisionally get our hands on. Racer didn't make the bus one morning, and I found myself hanging around 2 punky girls, we'll call them J and M. M was one of the first girls I was reallly attracted to, she was a real rebel too! Facial peircings, average tits, she even occaisionally made me laugh. Racer was somehow brought up in conversation that morning, when I heard he was spotted on 51st Avenue and Union Hills making out with a dude. My first thoughts were of shock, not hate, just never really suspected that of him. I had made the comment that I was surprised and didn't ever see that coming.

M turned to me, exhaling smoke from her Marlboro Red and spitting, asking "Oh is it a problem he's gay? Do you think that's wrong!? Who are YOU to judge!?", and it probably only had an impact on me because of my feels for this girl. I tried going defensive, stating I didn't care what he did, however he never tripped my gaydar once. I was barrated a bit, lectured on how it didn't matter what my thoughts were on his experimenting and I should never dare question anyone on the matter. Because of this, I would never question the gay agenda, god forbid I be on the wrong side of history!

I never got with M, but that moment made a long-lasting impression on my young adulthood. I was subtly convinced through highschool that gays were opressed and seen as 2nd class citizens, that blacks were at a disadvantage in society, that we need to focus on love and liberation for all, all that modern hippie bullshit that points to hetrero white man to place the blame; a typical regressive leftist. I marched in the streets with my homo friends against legislature that prevented gays from being married. I turned an eye to lazy coworkers if they were black or mexican. I voted for motherfucking Barrack Obama, for "progress".

Over the course of some years I became lazier and lazier, my work ethic lost. I felt I was owed something by society, by the world, since others had it so much better than myself; It's probably part of the reason I worked in food service for the longest time, its the easiest work I had ever done. It was at my most recent job in fast food where I the "largest dose" of redpilling began. Senator Bernie Sanders was running for president, bringing promises of free college, healthcare, and "making the 1% pay for being successful", all sounding great being the lazy sack of shit I was at the time.. That racist Donald Trump was also running, and against progress! He hated gays, mexicans, blacks, women, and the retarded! A coworker and I were talking politics, and Bernie came up. I ranted a good bit about how I supported Sanders and all the handouts he promised, regardless of where those handouts would come from. I was asked about Trump, and I, like the lefty Manchurian Candidate I was, immediately started spouting the bullshit I was fed. "Trump is a racist! He hates women, gays, muslims, blacks, the poor, anyone but rich white men!". I was a good little puppet til my buddy's next question came up.

"So what exactly did Trump say that was racist?". I thought for a good moment, then of course turned to my phone and started pulling up chopped excerpts from his speeches, manipulated quotes from NYT and such, when we were hit with business and I had to get back to work, but I thought "After work, I'm going home and getting the dirt I need on this piece of shit." Funny thing about having the internet, a nearly unlimited source of information, yet how many of us really want to dig and find the truth? An important fact on redpilling: you have to want to really know both sides of the argument to get where we are. You'll never bring anyone to our side unless they want the truth, you can't force it upon them, and you'll push someone further into the echo chamber if you're not careful.

I went home and immediately hopped on the $1600 gaming PC in my room, only instead of loading a video game, I used my computer to get to the truth and find out why everyone hated Donald Trump. I started with searching for his quotes against Mexicans, watched his speech, and was befuddled at how much I agreed with him! I went what he said about women, which was just a jab at Rosie O'Donnel, and really who gives a shit about her!? Over the course of a mere hour of finding the truth, I found myself ending the night watching a speech from one of Trump's rallies; enlightened, energy through the roof, and for the rest of the week when I wasn't thinking about how I was betrayed by my peers and teachers, I was watching Gavin McInnes and Paul Joseph Watson videos laughing histerically.

For my next piece I want to elaborate on my previous inherited bias towards the southern accent, but I'll finish this with a couple tips on Red Pilling:

-They need to WANT to know both sides of the argument

-Focus more on what you have in common before what you don't

-Ask them what country has it better than the United States of America

an odd note to leave on, but I've written this article 6 times now and its time to start putting this shit out there. Uhuru you faggots, proud of your boy!