Fight For Freedom


BY: Armando Gonzales 


There will come a day when you get out of bed and your normal life won't be as normal as it once was cultural Marxist want to turn our democracy into socialism despite the horrible results around the globe due to this ideology. We've seen it all so often as our rights are attacked by the leftists who wish to see this country burn. They riot in the streets, burn down communities, and destroy local business, all while screaming peace and equality. This cancer of liberalism and political correctness has crippled our society and indoctrinated our youth turning them into mindless zombies who follow because the thought of leading is hard work we now have an epidemic of dependency and a generation that is to weak to stand up and do what's right. We have 8 years to make a difference we have to use this time to our advantage. Our forefathers fought and died to give us this great land we cannot let it slip through our fingers to weak to defend it. The senseless violence of the left have gave birth to such organizations as the PROUD BOYS and ALT-KNIGHTS and many many others because as red blooded patriotic Americans we are sick and tired of watching as our country is spat on by people not even covered under our constitution. It is our duty to stand up to the left and to the commies who wish to take it from us. Together we fight for liberty we fight for justice WE FIGHT FOR FREEDOM. And to those who wish to destroy what our ancestors built well my message is simple  COME AND TAKE IT!