Why You Need to Kick Your Son Out of Your House


Why you need to kick your son out of your house.

By: Andrew Bell-Ramos

As a father or mother it's your duty and responsibility to raise your children to be strong and independent people. To teach young ladies how they should demand respect and how to be treated by men, and to set the expectation on young men to become strong leaders that provide for their loved ones. So in my mind, I see two very different up-bringings. Men are the providers and Women get provided for.

This is why you need to kick your son out at 18. Young men should have the directive and intention to get a job at 15 or 16 years old. They should learn hard labor, dedication, endurance, patience and the value of a dollar. It's not beneficial to their success for you to keep them in the nest for any long than that. In fact, I would argue that it does more harm than good. Now I'm not naive, I know it's very hard to let go. As a parent hopefully you have nurtured a significant bond with your kids and you both love eachother. But my argument is that is as difficult as it is beneficial.

In my own situation, as soon as I could start working I did. At 15 I started cutting grass, cleaning pools and creating and selling jewelry. Anything I could do to do make my own money and become independent as fast as possible. At 16 I got my first full time job as a mechanic at a car dealership. Working 50 hours a week in a hot and dangerous work envoirment. Finding myself in a place filled with very rough, full grown men gave me a stronger backbone and taught me how to take a joke as well as a beating.

Now let's press pause on my life up to that point. Without the mental, physical and emotional fortitude I learned in just those 3 short years I would not have achieved any of what I have today. I attribute everything to those formative years and how I reacted to the positions I put myself in and was forced into.

As I write this I am not a middle aged man who is telling you how to deal with having children leave your house. I'm 22, a young man starting out my life. I want to give you the insight into my situation and position; I don't succeed because my parents were kind enough to nurture me past my prime, but I succeed because they let me go out in the world as fast as possible. They let me fail, but when I did they picked me back up. The metaphorical training wheeled needed to come off.

If you have a teenage son, I hope my plee has helped you make the decision to kick your son out of your house.