The Enemy of My Enemy

The Enemy of My Enemy  


By: Daniel Rodriguez  



At the after party in Austin on July 1st I personally toasted to Unity between 3% groups, Oath Keepers, Proud Boys and Alt Knights. The reason for my toast was attributed to what I’d seen that day. Several groups including Soldiers of Odin, Three Percenters, Open Carry Texas, The Proud Boys and Alt Knights arrived and mustered together and rallied around the American Flags on the capitol grounds. Hardly any orders or instructions were necessary. Everyone KNEW where to rally and who the friendlies were. It was a seamless operation that went VERY well in our favor.

The problem as I see it is that some of us in the Alt-Light have objections about associating in ANY way with any of the Alt-Right groups which tout pride in one’s European Ancestry. The venom that is displayed among us towards Alt-Right groups is, in my opinion, pointless. I understand that associating with them may temporarily give some ammo to the leftist media and may sway some weak minded centrist that all of the above mentioned patriot groups are “Nazis” or “Fascist” but those who have eyes to see and ears to hear will call shenanigans on such biased media reporting.

Here’s the point. The media will report us as being Fascists and White Supremists NO MATTER WHAT WE DO! The labeling of Milo Yiannapolis (A Jewish, Homosexual who enjoys the company of Black men) as a Nazi and a Fascist is pretty elegant proof that they will do and say ANYTHING to slander and berate us. The question then becomes. Do we yield to such pressure and avoid our potential allies of the Alt-Right? Do we declare war upon them? Or do we embrace the corner that the leftist communist media has painted us ALL…I mean ALL OF US….into? I know my answer, but no amount of explanation will be as convincing as they you see with your own eyes.

Lately I’ve been in touch with a young lady known as “Based Southern Belle”. She is a disciple of Augustus Invictus and has similar libertarian trappings. She and I corresponded and she appears to hold the Proud Boys in high regard. We spoke of unity among the right and we both seemed to agree that nothing short of a THROW DOWN where Alt-Light and Alt-Right are forced to fight shoulder to shoulder will fully cement an alliance between the two conservative factions. Once we see the common enemy and taste their blood, we will never know the strength and vigor of those who fight the same battle.

There is an old saying and I believe it’s from Tsun Tsu.

“The Enemy of my Enemy….is my Ally.” Or words to that effect.

Antifa and other violent leftist organizations are our enemy. Antifa is also the enemy of The Alt-Right….we would be FOOLS not to use this fact to our mutual advantage. The Altruistic Purity Spiral will be the DEATH OF US if we don’t reverse it forthwith. The only faction who benefits from conservative discord is Antifa. By keeping the tension alive, you are actually assisting our enemies.

I think the sooner we ALL embrace these facts and this philosophy the stronger we will become and the swifter our victory over leftism and communism will be. Imagine the fear in their collective communist eyes if they see an ARMY of both Factions, angry as hell....  marching as one towards them....picture the victory....I know I do...