Liberating Austin

"Liberating Austin"

By: Cody T. Coln


It was less than one month ago, where I found myself in a real bad situation.. On June 10th, ACT For America hosted the Anti Sharia marches in several cities across the nation including Austin (Berkeley of Texas). On that day, I had no clue what to expect but knew we would end up dealing with some Antifa at one point or another.

I arrived with a few other Proud Boys from our San Antonio chapter and almost instantly from out of nowhere, Antifa began marching torward us at the gates of the State Capital. It was there that we stood completely surrounded for nearly 4 hours. With success, Antifa was able to shut down our event with loud noise and the 300 + Soros funded protestors who surrounded us. It didn't help that many of us were in other cities including Houston, so Antifa took advantage of the rare opportunity for an easy victory. I left the event with my head down in disappointment and shock.


It was only 2 months prior at March4Trump where we encountered only 20 Antifa. On May 1st (Mayday) that number grew to 100. Now it had grown to over 300 and would likely be even larger for the upcoming 1776 Freedom March hosted on July 1st. In response, many patriot groups including the Texas Proud Boys began preparing to take back the streets of Austin and to send a bold message that Antifa's days in Austin are now numbered.


On that day, we assembled at Woolridge Square and the turnout was incredible! Red White and Blue filled the streets as we marched the liberal enclave. People who were not participating, waved and cheered as they had never seen so much love for our country before. As we approached the steps of the capital I noticed something extremely odd. The leader of the Austin Red Guards (Antifa) was picnicking on the lawn with her friends.


I began to question their motive. Certainly they aren't giving up. Are they? After a huge victory on their side they've decided not to do shit? I knew something was wrong and concluded that they were preparing for the Trump Impeachment March the following day. Many of us were planning to counter protest that event as they do to ours so we did just that.

Once again, no Antifa. This was their opportunity to leave grandma's basement and support their cause and they couldn't. As we crashed this event and followed the leftist demonstrators, many people on the streets cheered for us and several people on the street personally told me that they liked what we were doing.


Did Antifa give up and realize we always win in the end? I highly doubt it. What I do know is that we inspired many people to join us in support of not only our God Emperor Trump, but we're bringing back the spirit of patriotism in the toxic liberal cesspool that is Austin and that should be a great victory to all of us. I can't explain how good it felt to send the lefties home after they had done the same to us just weeks before.

I'm extremely proud of everyone of you who showed up in Austin for both the events that took place. This was a sweet victory but the fight is still on going and we will liberate Austin in the end. We are the best state chapter in the country and we proved that this weekend. It was an honor to meet and march with my brothers in black and yellow. I will remember this weekend forever.