RedPilled: A Look at the Other Side


A Look at the Other Side

By: Nick A. Mortis


A few of my drinking buddies are Flat-Earthers (they preffer non-spherical Earthers) and the topic comes up from time to time. I make it known that they wont have enough time to convince me, but we each still get a few points out. I'm doubtful I'll ever believe their side of the argument and I'm sure they know that as well. I'm solid enough in my beliefs to engage in these talks without getting upset, shouting over someone, or utter any insulting dialogue to shut anyone down. However, I don't see this ability in a lot of my friends, and I don't blame you, it's hard to control how passionate you may be about what you stand for. We need to keep in mind though, no matter who is wrong or right, understand that your dialoguing adversary is probably just as passionate in their beliefs as you are in yours.

Understand that there's the possibility that, like myself, your rival may have been brought up to see you as something much worse and harmful than you are. They mistake passion for anger, rebuttal for lashing out, and common dialogue as a threat to their own fragile, inaccurate stance. Ever notice how often Trump protesters are (not) willing to express their beliefs? We turn to debate because we know what's really happening in the world and can point to facts and evidence. Imagine how hard that argument would be when the foundation of your beliefs is based on feelings and over-dramatized annectdotal examples of oppression. Think back to every time you've ever engaged politically with a coworker and remember how upset they got? Actually thinking about this now as I type, perhaps the rules against political discussion in workplaces were put in place by leftists who were afraid of such things themselves.

Many of you know and use the term "Echo Chamber", but how many of you have experienced the effect first hand? Indoctrination starts at an early age and never begins too boldly. It starts small, maybe a first grade teacher tells their students self-defense is wrong because all violence is wrong, or maybe they're brought to a library to have drag queens read to them. Maybe a magazine aimed at pre-teen girls teaches them about anal sex. Social Liberals occupy jobs that reach the youth, in workplaces that allow them to do so subtly while frowning upon conservative views. In similar ways to that of Islam, infectious ideologies teach our youth an UsvsThem mentality. Eventually, you see anyone who shares your pushed philosophy as an allie, making anyone who doesn't hold similar views an enemy to progress.

Some of you reading may not want to here this, but sensitivity and empathy are just as important as rationality and patience in your approach. These people have been taught that our side is the new Nazi party; That we want all Mexicans deported; That people in need overseas are fleeing their war-torn lands in search of a better life; That we want gays to be miserable; That we want women to be viewed as less than men. If we want to show our pholosophical adversaries the Red Pill, we first need to show them we aren't angry, retarded hatemongers and show them that we truly are more open-minded than they believe.

To my fellow ProudBoys and Texan conservatives: Next time you confront a coworker, just take this knowledge of the other side with you. Your "enemy" is confused, maybe brainwashed, and breaking their mindset will be no easy task. Let them talk, let them set up their arguments and try to hear them out, you have nothing to lose if you are certain in your view of the world. I failed at my most recent attempt to RedPill because I was too hasty to shoot down her argument, and sadly couldn't reach my goal of enlightening my foe. More of a note to myself, lowering energy may be key, or at least matching it, and we must de-escalate when our volumes of our voices reach a point.

To my friends who may be reading that may not see eye-to-eye with me but were nice enough to read, know that if I haven't been communicating with you not because I don't care, and not because I've given up on you. I know that most of what I have been passionate about lately is all politcally motivated, and most of you wish to escape that. If you took the time to read this, you care enough to take a peak at what's going on with me though, and I present the same challenge I will every time I express myself: Tell me where I'm wrong, about anything. Anything at all. Challenge my ideas and my new professed line of thinking. Take the time to protest any stupid video I share or dumb, biased article you may have seen me post a link to. Protest any stance I've made or any dumb idea I've backed. After all, if you're solid in your beliefs, do you have anything to worry about?