Afraid Of Cliché

By: Teddy Humphries


"We're the middle children of history, man. No purpose or place. We have no great war..."-Tyler Durden



   Every week we watch another communist rally, another dismissed rape case committed by a "refugee", another terrorist bombing/shooting/truck plowing/mass stabbing, and countless articles about how everything negative that happens in the world is the fault of  capitalism, racism, or imperialism.


  Is there a finely tuned psychological war being waged, and won, by the U.S. government, world governments, and media? Or is there an internal conflict fueled by the desire to preserve freedom, even at the possible cost of losing that freedom, by protecting groups and individuals who want to see this country's freedoms destroyed?


  How else can one explain the inaction of good people when you see communist flags paraded through American streets, gripped by the soft hands of children of the radical left, the failed remnants of hippie culture, and the obviously lazy losers who don't want, don't have, or (because of affluent parents) don't need a job?


  There are literal armies marching through our cities and neighborhoods. Clad in black uniforms with masked faces, screaming at our citizens that they are here to destroy the American way of life.


  These militant radicals are sending a clear message: They are here to wage war on our soil, literally right in front of our

eyes. And what seems to be the collective response to this blatant confrontation? ...Inaction.


  Why? Well, one logical

explanation is the Constitution.



  The vast majority of people who oppose the beliefs of ANTIFA, BAMN, BLM, Communists, Socialists, Marxists, etc. hold the values the U.S. Constitution encompasses in extremely high regard. This creates quite the enigmatic cultural, and internal

conflict. After all: How can a person stand for the freedoms of speech and assembly, while actively trying to stop these

armies from marching through our streets? But, how long can we be expected to stand idly by, while these extremists spit on

us, assault senior citizens and veterans, and even throw urine on people with whom they disagree? All while hiding behind the very same protections they want to see erased?


  What will be the catalyst that jolts us out of this slumber of apathy, that brings with it the realization that if we continue to do nothing, the war is lost before we even made a move in our own defense? What will trigger our great war?



  Is there an act that will finally cause us to compromise our own integrity? It obviously won't be a suicide bombing at a concert full of little girls. It won't be the slaughter of 50 innocent people in a night club. It won't be a red army of our own indoctrinated youth marching through our cities with hammer and sickle flags unfurled, violently silencing any opposition.


  What will cause us to show up at that park in Anytown, USA? Where the black and red armies are once again assembling en

masse, calling for our destruction. Throwing bricks and bombs, unchallenged and protected by the very same tax money, freedoms, and personnel that they showed up to "protest"?


  What, if anything, will be triggering event that forces us to one day walk up to our police officers, tap them on their

shoulders, and politely tell them, "its time to go home, we'll handle this..."

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