Why Proud Boys Is Stupid


Why Proud Boys Is Stupid. 

 By: Andrew Bell


Proud Boys is stupid because....



The Proud Boys was founded on fundamental principles of manhood, patriotism, and freedom. About as political as we get is exposing the opinion that people should be left alone to do whatever they want; which in 2017 is an offensively outlandish ideology that some people think should be punished. Proud Boys accept as true that men should be men, and as manly as possible. Strong, competent providers that step up and take care of their businesses, family, homes, and don't hate on other people because they are different.

There will always be a fair amount of joking and giving each other a hard time, as brothers tend to do; but there is also the building up of each other and being there for one another when we are in need. The Proud Boys is a fraternal organization of men who hold these values as true and want them perpetuated as far into the foreseeable future as possible.

Some critics like to paint the Proud Boys as a group of extremist, crazy, adrenaline fueled, testosterone filled, misled angry men. Labels that are inherently false. To them it's easier to lump together things that they don't understand with things that they don't like, because it's more convenient to take a stance that's popular.

So, let's set the record straight...

The Proud Boys is not - and has never been - a political or activist group. We are not militant in any way, shape, or form. As an organization, we don’t promote street activism. For instance, if a large portion of any group were hunters regularly, that does not mean that they belong to a hunting group. Only that they find common ground with people they found in that circle. Ironically, this should also be the goal that the Proud Boys strive to have. Likeminded men meeting each other, networking, gaining contacts, and supported by other likeminded people in their own personal endeavors, as any decent human being that has a relationship with one another would do.

The notorious "OK" hand sign you frequently see toted by Proud Boys in pictures is the most perfect example of how the group operates.


For example...

The easily offended FAR left deems that the “OK” hand sign is a secret hate symbol signifying "white power".

-Any rational human being with a fully functioning brain knows it is a harmless hand gesture, meaning simply… Okay.

Proud Boys mock the FAR left of their own illogical ideology, and use the gesture ironically in a tongue in cheek manner.

The naming of breakfast cereals while getting light punches to go second degree is hilarious; and just like the “OK” hand gesture is tongue and cheek. The name Proud Boys itself is derived from a song so bad it didn't make it into a Disney movie. Proud Boys is stupid because it's supposed to be, it's fun and light hearted. The word UHURU is the slogan of a socialist dictator in Africa. People inside and outside of the group are trying VERY hard to try and turn a men’s drinking club into something it's not.

There are some within the group that want to push the group into a more serious direction. For them I would say, there are other groups that do what you want, go do it there. They are inadvertently trying to become the negative image that people are pushing on us. Either through showing up to rallies with weapons, pretending you're there to observe or exclaiming, "We need to take our country back!".

I agree, we do need to take our country back. HOWEVER, lead by example and actually live it out. Western Chauvinism isn't about violence or yelling, it's about your everyday activities. How are you glorifying western culture by how you dress, talk, treat strangers, provide for your family etc. Only in America, THE GREATEST COUNTRY ON PLANET EARTH, are we afforded such freedoms. This is not a Muslim ran country, where women are put into scorching hot black garments to punish them for being pretty, or because their men can't control themselves. This is not a country where a woman’s opinion is worth HALF of a man's, where 6-year-old girls are held down by grown men and have their genitals mutilated so they have less pleasurable sex. If you are homosexual, you are thrown off of buildings or disowned completely by your family.



Western Chauvinism is the beacon. The light house of freedom in a dark and dangerous, stormy world. People are willing to sacrifice their lives just to TRY and come to The United States. People here are truly able to experience freedom, and no one stops you from becoming what you want. 

Western Chauvinism is waking up in a warm safe place, with a roof over your head. It's being able to eat food you want, purchased from a place with a wide verity of choices, incentivized by competition, where everyone makes money. It's walking outside and being able to drive a car, as nice as you can afford, and drive it to a place where you voluntarily exchange your time for money. It's being able to quit that job if they treat you poorly, or the opportunity to get a raise and climb the ranks if you out perform your colleagues. It's being able to marry a person of any race, ethnicity, nationality, or gender and most people not caring.

As much as people would like to pretend that America sucks, at least it sucks the least.

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