Eastern Threats

Eastern Threats:



Why North Korea doesn't give a shit and why we should be afraid of that.

The threat of nuclear war is actually not all that high. There is something called mutual destruction, which almost everyone has heard of by now.  It’s a full scale nuclear war by two or more opposing sides which would lead to complete annihilation of both the attacker and the defender.  I keep hearing everyone talk about how North Korea doesn't have the technology to gain reentry with a nuclear weapon and how our MDS (missile defense system) is good enough to take out any possible threat to our great nation.  Here's the problem; that's bullshit…  The MDS is actually only 52.9% successful (https://www.defense.gov/). In the last 17 attempts only 9 of our MDS attempts were able to successfully intercept the invading missile. I am about to tell you why North Korea doesn't even care about those 9 intercepts.  In order to overwhelm our MDS of 36 missiles, the DPRK military only needs to send over 18 missiles. They don’t all need nuclear capability.  Only one does. And even at that, they wouldn't give a flying rat's ass if it gained reentry. All it needs to do is detonate in the atmosphere. Why? Well, because a 10kT nuclear yield would potentially cause more impact on us than a nuclear strike.  There is the potential (some experts say lower than others) that this HEMP strike (High-Altitude Electromagnetic Pulse) would or could cause catastrophic damage to our electrical grid and at minimum would cause ALL of the low orbit satellite systems to degrade in as little as 15 days. This would be just the civilian ones though right? That's what most of you are saying. Well, some, yes, but lots of military satellites would degrade soon after. And even if they do not degrade as fast as some, they are there for the military. What about all those civilian satellites you're not worried about?  You know the ones that essentially control all aspects of everyday life. Like communications.

In this scenario the U.S. would quickly degrade into a state of chaos.  This distraction becomes the sole focus.  E.g. Martial law, military occupation, death, destruction, anarchy. That's all if the enemy of our great nation decided to just let us boil. If they decide to take advantage then we are potentially looking at trouble.  Imagine what the destruction would be if NK decided to tell another one of our enemies that they plan on doing this and a coordinated attack on our nation occurs?  No “Comms” means no ability to let multiple systems know that there are attacks being planned and carried out. Our infrastructure becomes completely compromised.  Bedlam doesn't really describe this situation where North Korea “misses” the reentry of their “little” nuclear weapon.

So in this short article, I wonder, did you piss a little? Did you realize the actual threat level we sit under right now? I've never been one to subscribe to the idea that TEOTWAWKI was near and I’m not even a survivalist junky like some. I have a bug out bag, a bug out plan, but I'm starting to think I'm not even close to the level I need to be. Do we need to fear the little things? Do we need to fear the percentages?  I say yes, but really, it's up for interpretation…


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