Why Feminism Is Only Good For Men

Why Feminism Is Only Good For Men.

By: Andrew Bell


Feminism is only good for men because it stomps on the idea that women are special. Feminism doesn't empower women, it actually disempowers them. Feminism says that women shouldn't be taken care of by a man, have doors held open for them or meals bought for them, etc. It campaigns on the belief that women are "no different than men.” This is non-sense. Consider the next few points that if women were truly treated by men the way men treat each other, the world would come to a screeching halt.  Men almost never think of the impact of things dealing with other men that they would when dealing with females. For instance...

 - Men don't care if something they said to another man hurt their feelings or was too harsh.

- Men don't care to know nor do they even want to hear how another guy’s day went.

- It would take virtual act of Congress to have a man buy another man’s meal.

- Men almost never offer the last of anything to a man.

…And the list can go on forever.

But I know someone is out there reading this and thinking, "well this just means that you're an inconsiderate jerk” or "women are nice and men are mean." Yeah, that's kind of the whole point. Men are mean… we're supposed to be. Men are biologically programmed at a cellular level to REPRODUCE, KILL, and EAT and in that order, That is a man’s job and has been for however long you think the world has been around. Where were the women? The women were at home caring for the children and preparing the next meal. Men and women are supposed to be different. They contrast each other’s innate character traits.

 Feminism takes women off of the pedestal men created for them and puts them down at the bottom with the men. Imagine if you will, a picture of a beautiful woman. She has long soft blond hair, a red dress with matching stilettos, and the body of a goddess. Now picture that same woman in a sweltering hot, dark and dangerous coal mine holding a pickaxe; she’s all sweaty and covered in black soot coughing up her lungs. That's feminism. It says to women, "You're not special."

 Now I can admit I may have a dogmatic, narrow view of women and gender roles. But I like to think women for the most part would reject having to perform stressful, dirty, and grueling manual labor. This narrative being pushed that a woman not in the workforce is a sellout is insane.


I see a figurative mountain of pressure on young women these days. These women are told they don’t need to procreate. They are told to just buy a dog because children are gross and child birth is too painful and not worth the reward. They are being indoctrinated with the belief that they will never have an ounce of fulfillment in life unless they go to college, maintain unconditional independence, and work hard enough to be next greatest CEO to take over the world. I find this interesting because if you take a look at the women who march along to those orders it doesn’t end well for them in the future. There is an increasing epidemic of women who can't find a man to commit to them because they either make too much money, they are too busy to concede to a personal life, or their success is too intimidating. Fast forward to today and you are finding an OVERWEALMING amount of successful business women freezing their eggs because they are running out of time to have a child of their own. These people are trying to bring thousands of years’ worth of human behavioral patterns to a stop in a matter of 5 years.


The militant feminist agenda seems "empowering" on the surface, but only leaves un-happy and most often angry women. Feminism is only good for men because they don't have to worry about being nice anymore. Men don't have to revere women or try and get their attention. Men wouldn't have to provide or take responsibility.


This is not the world I want, and it's surely not the world they are telling you they need.

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