Mass Shooting False Flag Truthers are Useful Idiots of the Left

By Paul Moroni


Every time there is a mass shooting, voices within the right wing alternative press and social media push improbable theories about the shooting being a false flag attack.

As certain as the leftist press will politicize a shooting to push their agenda on guns or race, right wing skeptics and conspiracy theorists will make vague yet fantastic claims that the latest shooting was perpetrated not by the prime suspect, but by a shadowy cabal of proponents of big government in an effort to bolster the gun control agenda.

These mass shooting false flag truthers are useful idiots of the left, unwittingly helping to further the anti-freedom agenda.

The response to the recent Florida shooting has been no different. As details of the shooting began to trickle in, tidbits of trivial data, vague innuendo, and verifiably false information was strung together to cast doubt on the facts of the situation.

Unverified screenshots of headlines and messages with peculiar time stamps, grainy cell phone video from anonymous accounts purportedly offered as evidence of additional shooters, arm chair analysis of policing tactics from people who haven’t worked a day in law enforcement in their entire lives, and bullshit psychoanalysis of the public statements of grieving friends and family members were all blended together in an effort to create an air of mystery and doubt around the rapidly developing situation.

Even as the alternative press rightly scoffs at the mainstream media for publishing the fake facts of 4Chan trolls, the truthers show a willingness to grab a hold of any Tweet, no matter how dubious, and present it as evidence that “Something is up.”

What exactly is “up,” they are often too shy to state openly. All the better, since the theory changes from one unverified screen grab to another. False flag? Inside job perhaps? Maybe the whole thing is a hoax? No truther ever seems quite sure. The fact that their various claims contradict one another is never addressed.


When the obvious holes in the various theories are pointed out, the truthers wave it off, as if a scoffing head tilt or a side-of-the-tongue raspberry can substitute for evidence. Like the leftists they despise, these truthers display a fetish for narrative impervious to counter-evidence.

In obsessing over these conspiracy theories, the mass shooting false flag truthers hurt the very cause of freedom they claim to support.

Extraordinary claims require extraordinary evidence. In staking their extraordinary claims upon such flimsy evidence, the truthers make the freedom movement look crazy. (To be fair, in the current culture of creeping socialism, most claims of those in the freedom movement seem extraordinary. This is why the right invests so much time and effort in laying out the moral, logical, and empirical case for freedom.)

The truthers are effectively broadcasting the message that “I’m concerned about creeping socialism, and I believe in truly improbable conspiracy theories.”

The public’s reaction: “He’s skeptical of socialism and he’s crazy, therefore being skeptical of socialism must be crazy.”

Besides, the truthers’ entire premise may be outmoded. With the MSM losing control of the narrative, it can no longer be taken for granted that a mass shooting will bolster the gun-control agenda. Indeed, precisely the opposite may soon be true. With every major national news event, the MSM loses credibility with the American people, the credibility of the alternative press grows, and awareness of the root causes of violence spreads.

But, the truthers not only damage the credibility of alternative press, they also distract from coverage of the actual causes of these mass shootings, just as does the pro-gun control hysteria of the left.

The diabolical supervillains living in these truthers minds do not need to coordinate false flag attacks or grand hoaxes. The education-industrial complex has been fine-tuned to make mass shootings a near inevitability.

We have set up a system where children are raised without fathers, and mothers are pushed into the workforce. Father absence raises cortisol levels in kids, increasing aggression. Working mothers don’t breastfeed, which in turn lowers IQ, increasing the statistical likelihood of criminality. 

With fathers absent and mothers at work, the kids end up in daycare. The absence of a consistent caretaker makes it unlikely for them to pair bond, to develop mirror neurons, to develop empathy. Latent genes for sociopathy are activated. 

These kids face exponentially increased risk of physical and sexual abuse, further lowering IQ and activating latent genes for psychopathy. The children of single mothers are 30 times more likely to be victims of sexual molestation than children living with both parents. Public school employees are more likely than Catholic priests to sexually abuse children.

The students who haven’t been sufficiently socialized to this education-industrial complex by first or second grade are deemed mentally unfit, and drugged into submission. Whether it’s pharmaceutical grade meth or SSRIs, these drugs impair brain development, increase aggression and depression, and often trigger psychotic episodes. 


The brightest students are drugged for noncompliance, and good teachers driven out by PC witch-hunts. Meanwhile, teachers unions protect the very worst teachers and dangerous students are frequently given a pass on their bad behavior.

If kids try to opt out, they are thrown into “alternative schools,” the super-max of the youth prison system that is public education.

Behind every failed program of government education and state directed child rearing is a public advocacy group with a vested interest in maintaining the status quo. Their intentions and the inevitable consequences of their schemes are not conspiracy theories. They are verifiable facts.

We've built factories designed to turn healthy, happy kids into drug-addled, socially alienated, psychopaths. Then we're shocked when they commit acts of violence. The left blames guns. The truthers blame the left. 

The truthers' blame is well placed but who needs hoaxes and false flags when you have the education-industrial complex?

By chasing the windmills of unverifiable conspiracy theories, the truthers distract from these real issues and inadvertently discredit the freedom movement.

Truthers continue to talk about Sandy Hook, now more than five years on. To what end?

Suppose tomorrow it was revealed the shooting was a hoax. What would that change? What would that prove? That there are individuals and groups in America who oppose freedom and are willing to commit acts of treachery and criminality to further their agenda?

You don’t need to uncover a mass shooting hoax to prove that hypothesis. “Hands up, Don’t shoot” launched the entire BLM movement.

I understand that many truthers genuinely want to use these claims as a giant weapon to fight back against eroding freedoms and creeping socialism. I appreciate the motivations.

But, why use this as the platform?

In allowing themselves to be distracted by ghost stories while the real fights take place without them, truthers could not be doing more harm to their own agenda if they tried.

Mass shooting false flag truthers are beyond unhelpful in the fight for freedom. By wasting their own time and bringing disrepute to the freedom movement, the truthers aid and abet the very evils they claim to oppose.


Author: Paul Moroni


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