Generation Z: You Are The Resistance — And You Must Resist


By J.L. Van Dyke, Esq.


It was a cool spring evening in 2010 and I was sitting in an Applebee's restaurant in Denton, Texas with four of my best friends discussing an idea: the creation of a marksmanship club at the University of North Texas. It would certainly not be the first time that a college had created a marksmanship program, but from its inception, this club was designed to be something different than a traditional shooting club. We were just over two years into the Obama administration and very concerned about our gun rights. I remembered a time when a shooting club of any kind would have had a line out the door of people waiting to sign up. Millennials, however, had become apathetic on questions of liberty; they were far more concerned with ranking up in the new Modern Warfare video game than they were in learning how to fire a real gun. It is with this, in mind, that the first college shooting club of its kind was formed.

The never-ending attack on the 2nd Amendment makes any organization that involves the use of firearms an inherently political group. Nevertheless, none of us intended to create a collegiate version of the NRA. Our approach was to "red pill" students on the 2nd Amendment by allowing them to come to the range with us and shoot the types of guns that they would get to use in their video games. Thus, a number of purchases began. AR and AK pattern rifles began filling my safe. I began looking for reasonably priced used guns to keep around as loaners. I created a gun trust so I could legally purchase suppressors and short-barrel rifles without asking "Mother, May I" from the government. [1] I even became certified by the NRA as a pistol instructor, and then by the state as a concealed carry instructor, so that I could provide very low cost training to students. [2] The cost of various activities is always a factor for college students and our first ever-concealed handgun course at the University of North Texas was free. The price is now $25.00, which is still significantly lower than any other class in DFW. [3]


The concealed handgun courses were particularly important to the red-pilling process because they gave students something tangible to hold in their hand together with an intangible legal right. The organization remained apolitical, and we had no illusions about converting the David Hoggs of this world or any of the other really hardcore Stalinists. We could, however, offer a valuable opportunity for politically neutral students or those who leaned slightly to the left. The conventional wisdom was that, once given a right, a student was unlikely to give it up easily. They might not become Republicans. They might not even vote for Republicans. However, we reasoned that if the newly red-pilled students put enough pressure on Democrats to leave their gun rights alone, that we would be doing our own part (however small) in making the gun control movement so marginalized and ridiculous that it would eventually slip into obscurity. In short, our grand vision was to help make the politics of gun control so incredibly toxic that no party would dare go near them. [4] To this day, that is precisely what needs to happen for our liberty to be protected.

I have trained college students for eight years now. I have had my students graduate and move on to many different walks of life and each new incoming class presents me with a different challenge. I have a student now who is probably smart enough to be involved in the space program. I have had other students who, having never touched a firearm before entering college, were able to consistently make 800 yard head shots by the end of their freshman year. [5] Notwithstanding these facts, the simple truth remains that organizations such as the one started by my friends and I are doomed to fail without a fresh supply of new students. In an era where the crybabies of Stoneman Douglas are actively trying to strip us of our rights, it is their peers – those in the same age group – who now have a duty to resist calls for tyranny.


There is a place for political activism by groups such as the NRA. The lobbyists hired by the NRA are very good as their job, but activism itself isn’t enough. Here are five things that you should resolve to do:

1)     If you are old enough to buy a gun, do so as soon as possible. Buy something you can afford, but also buy something that you can have fun with and afford to shoot on a regular basis.

2)     Find someone who knows what they are doing to teach you how to use that weapon safely and effectively. That may mean paying someone, although many trainers offer substantial students discounts.

3)     Take as many of your friends as possible with you to the shooting range. Teach them the things that you have learned. Encourage them to buy a gun of their own. [6]

4)     If you see someone at the range with something you are interested in, ask for their permission to take a few shots. If you like it, learn more about it. If you really like it, buy one of your own. Always be willing to learn something new and to expand your horizons as a shooter and to routinely take new people to the range so that they might be redpilled.

5)    Understand that clowns such as David Hogg, Emma Gonzalez and Cameron Kasky are not just sick. They are evil. While grief is understandable following a traumatic event, these individuals are con artists acting in concert with George Soros and the mentally ill news media to deprive an entire nation of its right to keep and bear arms. Ignore their crocodile tears. Call them out on their bullshit. Resist them at every opportunity and never pass up a chance to make them look ridiculous. 

The founder of the Proud Boys, Gavin McInnes (peace be upon him), has often said that there are two types of people in the world of politics: (a) people who want to be left the fuck alone; and (2) people who will not leave them the fuck alone. We're not only on the side that believes in individual liberty, we're on the side that has fun. Whenever the Stalinists on the left want to make you believe that you're the bad guy remember that THEY are the ones who have devoted their lives to turning us into slaves, not you. Uhuru! and proud of your resistance.



[1]    Prior to the passage of regulation ATF41F, an individual was required to obtain the permission of a local law enforcement officer prior to being permitted to legally purchase a pre-86 machine gun, short-barreled rifle, short-barreled shotgun, silencer, AOW, or destructive device.  The gun trust was invented to exploit a loophole that made this obligation inapplicable to corporations and other legal entities.  The new rules created a compromise by expanding background checks conducted by the FBI for these items, while eliminating the signature requirement.  The complete elimination of the signature requirement was due, in part, to activism by organizations like the NRA.

[2]    Concealed handgun instructors are now referred to as "license to carry" instructors in Texas due to new laws that allow the open carrying of handguns by licensed individuals. While some exceptions exist, Texas law requires most license to carry instructors to be certified NRA pistol instructors.

[3]    Most classes cost $50.00 to $75.00 and have a maximum of 20 to 30 people. The hard work of the Texas Marksmen organization at the University of North Texas just qualified 141 people in a single weekend. It costs the club about $15.00 to provide the class to a single person. Nobody takes a paycheck and all profits go directly back into the club to subsidize the cost of materials to provide high quality training directly to college students.

[4]    The club's apolitical nature was on full display when, after the Pulse nightclub shooting and several other instances of assault against LGBTQ+ persons in Dallas, the organization hosted a low cost license to carry cost specifically for members of the LGBTQ+ community. It was a particularly memorable course because of the mutual respect that was earned among instructors and students by the end of the day.

[5]    This is a difficult shot for experienced shooters. For a 19-year-old man without significant prior experience in shooting to be able to perform this task in a short period of time is quite remarkable.  

[6]    This is the most important step.  Mentally ill news websites like the Huffington Post have published so much nonsense about guns that first-hand experience is often required to fully red-pill a person on the 2nd Amendment. Activism alone is not enough. 

Author: J.L. Van Dyke, Esq. 

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