The Virgin Deflowered

 "The Virgin Deflowered."

 - The unedited works of - Izzy Colon


Year after year during the past administration I felt that people with conservative or what is negatively referred to as “right-wing” beliefs had to shut up and take it. In the media, offices, online, I saw people with my same ideas cower and suck up to those on the left for fear of offending them. The Occupy movement, BLM, Antifa, militant LGBT groups constantly pushing around hardworking people through doxxing, boycotts, stereotyping, lies, rumors and finally real violence. During the election and even to this day conservatives tend to be too busy working providing for their families to be out in the streets marching or fighting back against these unemployed or paid hoards of anarchist and similar ilk. I wished for someone, anyone to finally take an ideological and physical stance against them, then I saw a tweet.

For months I had heard of an organization that had been standing up to groups like Antifa and other subversive left-wing violent agitators. I had seen videos in tweets of men in black and yellow shirts in the front lines of the current new civil war between those that value traditional western values to those that practically want anarchy. I hadn’t really paid too close attention to them. I had heard all the rumor that they were Nazis or white surpremacist. I started following them on social media to see exactly who these people were. One of the strangest things I began noticing is that these were probably some of the laziest “racist” I had ever seen. They mixed with African-Americans, Asians, Latinos of all shapes and sizes, gays, Jews and every other group despised by bigoted right or left wing groups. Then I saw a post on Twitter from Gab concerning Gavin McInnis.

The speech was concerning his explanation of what a western chavanist was. For the life of me I always thought of the word chauvinist in a negative connotation unit Gavin said, “look it up”. Unbeleiveble, for my entire life I was wrong about what this word signified. To be a chauvinist is to be a, get this, a Patriot. This whole time the word in was a complement I was receiving. The video goes on to explain the when and how of how he got the idea to create a group that embodied what he felt were traditional masculine ideas of a mens social group, with a twist. I was laughing at how stupid it all sounded. How college frat it seemed, until he went down the list of the basic premises and beliefs of the group. I held many if not all of their core principles. I must know more I thought.

I decided to follow down the rabbit hole and follow the Internet bread crumbs to a social media page. The page asked that you make a simple declaration of your feelings, “ I Am A Western Chauvinist And I Refuse To Apologize For Creating The Modern World”. I dissected the statement trying to find what could possibly be immoral, illegal, anti-social, and for the love of me I couldn’t think of a more harmless pact. Having lived in Europe for many years and in China for a semester, I really truly believe that the “West is the Best”. Why not declare it? As Uhuru started being sent in messages again I had to go on a search engine and figure exactly what was going on. Was this some secret skinhead code word? Was this some ancient aryan chant? No, I quickly found it to be the Swahili term for freedom. As a descendant of Africans I was staring to wonder.

One of the senior members message me and asked for a few minutes of my time to ask me a few questions. I understand that there have been some attempts by subversive groups to send in operatives to bring down and harm the organization so a bit more vetting was required. The conversation was polite, innocuous, and benign. Simple questions of my patriotic beliefs, my background, why I wanted to join and a warning that if I was some White Nationalist or Neo this or that I would be found out and expelled. I assured them I was none of those, just a patriot looking for company. My degree (of which I understand there are four) was conferred and I was asked to join them at their monthly meeting. I had second thoughts of course but my curiosity won the better of me and I decided to attend.

The meeting was in the DFW area, a placed I was assured that the group was welcomed at. When I entered the smoke filled room, I knew I would be welcomed. It was quiet at first, most of the leadership had not arrived so I took it upon myself to start shaking hands and meeting people. These were blue collar men, strong, rough handshakes mixed with the smell of cigars, beer and sweat. Men of few words wearing MAGA hats and their symbolic black and yellow shirts I was to find out later were from a designer named Fred Perry. I asked a few of those in the room their occupations. I met attorneys, insurance adjusters, CEO’s, DJ’s and numerous other walks of life. The room was staring to churn with emotion as some of the senior members arrived. Words aren’t minced in this group, insults and curses were thrown at and around like badges of honor. No one was safe and no one took anything serious or personal. This was testosterone and toughness and you better not not take it.

Beer flowed from the bar as men hugged and continued to greet, the fare of the night was pizza. Great there went my Keto diet. I felt completely strange drinking a glass of wine as most sipped on Miller Lite or the Gentlemen Jack a senior member had brought. The meeting was soon called to a larger area when I noticed a member took a place at the door and it was asked if all present were true members and the meeting began. I noticed a bearded man carrying a short what looked like imitation Zulu short spear began calling the meeting to order and reading a script on his smartphone. I wont reveal what was said but I assure the reader there was not one nefarious part of the opening ceremony. A passage from a conservative book was read concerning the potential fall of the west and what endangered it, simple and solemn. A toast was given in honor of the basic principles, again simple and solemn.

Then another senior member who had a few words written done as a speech began to catch some really funny hell. “Damn it it’s three pages”, scream someone. “Is that a fucking speech”, fuck! Screamed another. The speaker took the friendly ridicule for a few minutes and began to speak. The speech wasn’t polished, it wasn’t practiced, what it was was heartfelt list of how that man felt the country had changed for the better since Trumps presidency began. I looked over the crowd of some 30-40 men who were lsitening and commenting after relevant statements were made. The speech ended with shouts of “Proud of your Boy”, “Uhuru” and applause. The group took up regular business and shared some of the charitable work they do in the community and how they hoped to continue the effort. The leadership also shared the help they gave to the city of Houston during the hurricane where as it was said they received recognition by the Chinese embassy due to help to rescue numerous Chinese families in an apartment complex. These men have to be the poorest racist I have ever seen.

As the meeting was about to end the topic of helping each other came up and stressed very seriously by every regular member. Some men attested to the groups sincerity in asking for and giving help to a brother. During all this time I spoke in Spanish to a new member and we could not believe the sheer difference of what was rumored about these men and what we were actually seeing. I can honestly say that this group will grow. It will have growing pains due to it’s machismo and bravado but I feel we at this point in our history will need men and groups like these. These are not cowards, these are not back benchers, these are patriotic Americans that in my opinion are severely misrepresented and misunderstood. The ProudBoys in the short two hours I spent with them showed me that it was good to love America. That it was good to be masculine. That is was good to be irreverent and with that some yelled, “TO THE PARKING GARAGE!".