Seeker of Truth

Seeker of the Truth (Unedited)

By: GC

      Truth is in accordance with fact or reality. There isn’t truth that relates with one person which in the same respect doesn’t relate with another which renders the statement ‘your truth’ to be illogical. Truth either holds to be or doesn’t at all.

    I don’t like the phase, ‘I want to be around people who disagree with me.’ This may come across as that I want to be around people who only say what I think but it actually has to do with the reasoning behind the sentence. Let’s say we have a discussion of whether or not you should punch me in the face. Now my thought, being a rational person, is that you shouldn’t do that. Your thought may be that you should punch me in the face. Well now I’ve reach my crossroads with the statement previously inserted. I don’t want to be around you because you disagree with me. You want to punch me in the face, and I don’t want you to. The truth is you shouldn’t punch me in the face. That’s reality! Now I’m gonna backtrack here just a little bit because I’m not stupid. I understand the idea behind the sentence, ‘I want to be around people who disagree with me.’ We say this in the understanding of wanting to sharpen our thoughts. ‘I want to see another perspective...I don’t want to be closed minded...I want to understand the other side’ blah blah blah whatever. At no time in history did we say, ‘oh yeah that’s false and they disagree with me so...they must be right!’ Stupid. We should be seeing truth as it is, in accordance with fact. Let’s start saying, ‘I want to be around people who tell the truth.’

      Onto ‘your truth.’ Man what a logical fallacy! I like to use the statements objective and subjective truth. Something can be both objectively and subjectively true. You know what’s interesting though? That same thing can’t only be subjectively true and in the same respect also be objectively true. Did I lose you? Alright let’s break it down. We are going to pretend that your subjective truth is that you can run faster than a car going twenty miles per hour. In layman’s terms this means you believe you can run faster than the car. For this example I guess you are superhuman cause subjectively you believe and objectively, truth or reality, you also can run over twenty miles per hour. This was an example of something that was subjectively true and turned out to also be objectively true. You believed it and you did it. Another scenario. Subjectively you believe you’re the strongest man on the earth.

Unfortunately you have a weight lifting completion and the guy next to you beats you. Subjectively you are the strongest man but objectively you aren’t the strongest man. Your truth is subjective! Doesn’t mean it can’t also be objective, but when it is only subjective it can’t also be objective. Simple as that. This logical fallacy actually has a name. False dilemma/ false dichotomy. It is one of fifteen logical fallacies and works just like the others, it doesn’t. It happens when you only give a select amount of options. Extrapolating on the catch phrase ‘your truth’ must mean you’re true or nothing else is. That’s the dilemma right there! You only gave two options while there are many more hanging in the balance. ‘Your truth’ is illogical.

    There are many fallacies out there floating in the ether. What if instead of looking for the person who disagrees with you or looking for ‘your truth’ you started seeking the truth? We should seek for reality and not just what’s ‘true’ to you.