"Western" doesn't mean WHITE

By: Izzy Colon  -  (Unedited) 


 There is no end I see to subversive groups like Antifa, SPLC, Occupy and others referring to the ProudBoys as a White Supremacist group. Having interacted lately with most if not all of the local group, I see there are minorities in the fraternity. I am not some token or shill as I was referred to on social media. I am an active member who’s views are heard and respected and members reach out and want to socialize with me. I have not heard any negative comments from the other members of color feeling disrespected or demeaned for their country of origin or skin color. If and when a bad apple shows up I am certain from what I have heard from the leadership that racism will not be tolerated. If I see it I will not tolerate it so with that, why does the left think Western Chauvinism is all about whiteness?

 What about the term Western drive leftist rabid with hate? Is the West just morally and socially repugnant cesspool of norms and values? Other than the mistakes of the past, which were egregious and addressed (civil war, civil right, what else does this side of the planet have to do for respect? The values we have held for two hundred and forty-two years have helped win world wars. Our principles have helped get the first men on the moon. We have accepted more immigrants, made more millionaires than any other place on Earth. Yet, people who hold liberal ideals see all of those freedoms and successes as evil. The “Man” is in their minds constantly keeping them down. They have this paranoia of an Anglo boogie man around every struggle they go through. If they are broke, ill, or uneducated it’s the whites fault. It hasn’t been that way for a long time, time to live life and let go.

 I digress. Yes, in our past here in America we did have to face down racism and its ancestor, slavery. White men died to share these values of freedom and self determination with the black man, but that sacrifice by whites seems to have been forgotten. Look at photos of Dr. Martin Luther King marching, who’s in his mist, whites. Our society has been shaped by many different kinds and colors throughout the centuries. I do not know of a race that has not added to and benefitted from what the occidental world has provided. Millions of people throughout the ages coming here from the far corners of the planet, some without a penny to their names and end up creating legacies. Western values are embodied in the US Constitution. A document I admit I seldom read, but for this article I read the Declaration of Independence and wonder at the strength and courage it took to give the eighteenth century finger to an empire. These founding documents led the way for tens of millions of people around the world to fight against tyranny and understand what true freedom looked like.

In these documents there are few mentions to race or creed. The founding fathers referred to us as “Man” or“Men”. “We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness”. That’s the preamble of the Declaration of Independence. Where there other races and colors in the US at this time? Yes! These truths were for them also as there was no definition of man as a particular color. These statements along with the Constitution were meant to be all encompassing and universal. Years later these rights would come to African-Americans and others.

 Off the top of my head I can name a few of Western Chauvinist. I bet you’re about to equate that term with ProudBoys. These are men and women who embodied what true love and adherence to our values are.Dr. Allan Keyes, Dr. Thomas Sowell, Dr. Condoleezza Rice, Dr. Walter Williams and I could go on and on. My point if not clear enough yet is that a love of the West is not and never will be “For Whites Only”. These are God given edicts that loved and cherished by people all over the world. As the millions of immigrants who have raised their hands to pledge allegiance to the United States can testify that they are here because it’s true that, “The West is the Best”.