To Master Ones Self...

To Master Ones Self...

By Izzy Colon (The un-edited works)



“One can have no smaller or greater mastery than mastery of oneself”,said DaVinci. Lao Tzu stated, “Mastering others is strength”. “Mastering yourself is true power”. There is no greater responsibility for a man than to be able to have full control of his mind and his body. One cannot really exist well without the other. A weak mind creates bad habits, addictions, frailty. A weak body creates, illnesses, vulnerabilities, and death. The body and mind coexist in excellence or in madness. In history there have been a few examples, Hawking, Keller, FDR. For the most part one must learn to gain control of his body, passions, and urges to succeed in life and love.

As Proud Boys you not only represent yourselves and your family but the fraternity of brothers around the world. The good and the bad that you are do reflect on you and the group. We are more apt to be ridiculed and attacked when we are perceived or look as if we can’t handle ourselves. It may seem shallow or small minded but your physical appearance can be your first line of defense. As someone who grew up in some of the most violent cities in America, I can tell who’s “street” or who’s a tourist, just by the way they present themselves walking through a neighborhood.

I have studied Martial Arts for over a decade. Martial Arts are a way we can learn to be physically fit and learn self-defense for our Fourth Degree. Though the majority of the enemy will be as soy as soy comes, there may come a time when you encounter someone who has decided to train and be prepared. You cannot fight if you do not train and in defense of your self, family, and nation you should have the respect and love for all of them to be in shape and handle a physical confrontation. I am not going to recommend a particular art. I am of the mindset that learning a few and being well rounded is always beneficial. If you just can’t train this way or can’t afford to, walk, run, do calisthenics. All of the previous is free and could save your life.

Being reasonably athletic says something about you to the world. These positive behaviors show a sense of pride and responsible thinking. Some may go by the saying, “Don’t judge a book by it cover”. I say to you, you can either be a paperback or a hardcover. Hardcovers are mores sought after, relished, and cared for. Over time a hardcover can become valuable.

With the conditioning of the body at times comes the conditioning of the mind. Strenuous exercise can find the kinks in your mental armor. Not pushing through a difficult training session can be a sign of mental weakness or fear. Samurai were constantly aware of the need to conquer the mind through endurance and saw the act of suffering in training as a precursor to the mental toughness needed in battle. Coaches call that, training like you’re playing. The type of play we could potentially find ourselves in is no shaking of hands after times expires, it could be life and death.

If you just don’t seem to be or want or can’t be a physical specimen, then train your mind as far as it can go. Be able to battle with your wits. Expand your knowledge of arts, sciences, politics, world affairs. Going back to the Samurai, many were poets, calligraphers, philosophers. They were rarely just thugs who would hack their way to glory. Learn to defend the West with your speech or a pen.  These were thoughtful men who used their mental and physical discipline to shape their worlds. We as Western Chauvinist must be the modern Samurai. Proud American men who take up the sword only when needed to help shape the future that is in such current peril.

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